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  Automating with Bot Builders
Posted by: Kurt - 05-19-2020, 03:40 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - No Replies

Here's 3 options for building your own bots. In my experience, despite their claims, they are really for people familiar with coding. These programs just make things easier for coders to do a lot of things.

It's kind of funny...the Ubot sales page talks about how easy it is to build bots. Then in an email after you buy it they tell you how you need to have patience. The latter is probably more accurate. Smile

The issue for me with these programs is the learning curve. It often will take you more time to create a bot than the time it will save you just from doing some "grunt work".

Where they can come in handy is if you have repetitive web tasks, especially if you have multiple clients each that need repetitive tasks.

And since these programs tend to be easy for coders having the software often means you can get custom bots built cheaper than it would to hire coders using other languages.

All 3 offer versions that will create .exe files that you can sell or give away.

I've only messed with Browser Automation Studio a little and didn't care for the exe too much and it doesn't seem to run in the internal browser like the others.

I haven't tried Bot Chief but from the videos it looks a lot like Ubot.

Ubot exports exe programs pretty well but the browser can be outdated and it is expensive.

If you just want to automate some of your own repetitive tasks like posting to multiple social accounts, and you're willing to put in some time, I suggest checking out BAS and see if you can get the hang of it. If so, sign up for Ubot's discount on their site and see if you can get the lite version for $27.

If you want to build bots to sell I guess check out Bot Chief. I don't know if it's buggy or not. But they have monthly options as well as a 3 day trial. Again, check out BAS for free and learn a bit on it, then check out Bot Chief.

Browser Automation Studio
$40 for 6 months/ $80 for a year

Bot Chief
$101 $205 $239
(with low cost trial and monthly)

Ubot Studio
$295 $595 $995

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  Quick Amazon Review Trick
Posted by: Kurt - 05-15-2020, 07:19 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - No Replies

Paste this into Google:
keywords + “20...10000 reviews” site:amazon.com

Replace keywords with your own keywords.

This will return Amazon products that have between 20 and 10,000 reviews. This is useful for all sorts of research from copy writing, writing product reviews and for product development. What do people like about a book or product? What was missing?

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  What have you wasted money on for IM?
Posted by: Kurt - 05-15-2020, 08:41 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (8)

I don't mean stuff that didn't work. But what things have you purchased for IM but never used...or didn't use enough?

Many years ago I paid $250 (?) for a link spamming program called something like Syndic8 and never used it. There's a number of other things I've bought and either never really used or barely used.

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  Vince and Shamwow are back...
Posted by: Kurt - 05-12-2020, 06:53 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (2)

Just saw this Shamwow commercial with the Vince guy on TV. It's interesting on a few levels.

 What do you think about the bonus offer at the end?

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  NEW Google Reveals the Fastest Growing Product Categories in Search Results
Posted by: Jeffery - 05-11-2020, 11:50 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (2)

What’s trending: understanding rising consumer interests
Google Blog May 7, 2020

NEW Tool:Rising Retail Categories Tool

Excerpt:This is the first time we’ve provided this type of insight on the product categories that people are searching for.

Good article about the new tool and how to use it:Google Reveals the Fastest Growing Product Categories in Search Results
SEJ News May 8, 2020

What does this mean to Internet Marketing? Essentially, the question is asked many times on this and other forums something like "How do I know what categories people are searching in Google?" Now that we are armed with this new tool we can pinpoint trends, seasonal, evergreen and even geographical locations.

  1. This, I expect will become a go-to-tool for any and all Internet Marketers.
  2. I also expect all of the serious SEO Online Agencies will talk about it.
  3. And with Google we never really know how long something like this will be available, so take advantage of it now.

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Question Masks or Shields?
Posted by: Kurt - 05-11-2020, 06:43 AM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (6)

Assuming you had to wear one or the other to save all of humanity and they offered equal protection, which would you choose a face mask or a shield?

Here's an example of a shield:

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

I think I'd prefer a shield in most cases and if you can eat and drink with them on that would be even better. BTW...I've read a couple of articles that think shields may offer more protection against COVID than masks.

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  Where to find Wikipedia links...
Posted by: Kurt - 05-06-2020, 06:34 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (5)

Wikigrabber is a great free tool that finds pages on Wikipedia with broken links. It's been a while since I used this strategy so I won't give any advice, but if you're into SEO it is probably worth your while to get some links from Wikipedia and research up-to-date strategies to get a link that sticks.

It's generally best to use Wikigrabber to do research first, then create a "pillar page" (high quality) for content specific to that topic. You can (and probably should) check The Wayback Machine and see what content was linked to. Don't copy it, just use it as a guideline.

A quality link or two from Wikipedia to your network can do wonders for your Google rankings.


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  The Wooster Post May 6, 2020
Posted by: Jeffery - 05-06-2020, 01:53 PM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (11)

[Image: claude-murder-hornet-may-04-2020-min.png?raw=1]

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  A really good deal for POD clip art
Posted by: Kurt - 05-04-2020, 10:08 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (2)

This looks like a really good deal for print on demand merch. I'm not sure if it's really a "one day sale" or not but you can download all of their art work for $20.


Their license says it's OK to use on things like tees and it isn't easy to find licenses that allow you to do so inexpensively.

My critique is they have a really big variety but the images are pretty simple and probably best for kids designs. Nothing wrong with this and moms buy a lot of stuff for their kids and this is a huge market and there's a lot you can do with simple designs. But these designs may not be best for your market.

For $20 and the license offered this looks like a great deal.

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  Do Not Make This Mistake
Posted by: 10x - 05-02-2020, 01:00 PM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (2)

Even though I'm an old (emphasis on old) IT guy, I rarely will make a public declaration against software or devices. That may change because I'm about to start doing technology reviews but it takes a lot for me to be upset enough to tell everyone. 

I made a huge mistake last night. I bought a silent mouse to replace an aging one that needs to be put out of its misery.

I had never heard of a silent mouse but figured it was, well, silent. Since I work during the night most nights due to time zone differences, I am always afraid my clicking and clacking will keep people up. 

So I decided to try it.

I hated it immediately. I was buying something this morning, for example, and wound up clicking the link twice since I didn't get the sound feedback. 

So, I bought a good old fashioned loud mouse and I'm happy again. But, I'm positive that if I had to work a whole day with that silent mouse, I would be locked up either in jail or a mental hospital. It was not fun.

You've been warned. Stay far away from these evil devices that must have been sown in the depths of hell to bring misery to mankind. Smile

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