The Fastest, Easiest, Cheapest
and Best Way to Build Money Webpages


No other approach to creating webpages gives you the combination of ease, speed, SEO and direct marketing like Fast and Furious Pages gives you.

Bar none.

Plus, Fast and Furious Pages are going to save you tons of money and vastly increase your odds of making money too.

If you are using WordPress to make small niche websites
you’re doing it all wrong.


I began building websites and SEO in 1996. This means I’ve been doing SEO longer than WordPress and Google have even existed. Fast and Furious Pages uses the best of the things that have worked for decades.

The 100% truth is, the easiest and best way to make SEO-friendly niches sites still is using a WYSIWYG web page builder along with some very simple HTML skills.

There’s about a dozen basic HTML things you can master in no time that will make your webpage making life a lot easier. You aren’t learning to code, just how to copy a few snippets of HTML and where to paste them…because it’s so much easier to do things this way.

You’re Getting a Triple Dose of Fast

Fastest to Master – The combo of WYSIWYG, a few simple HTML tricks and the included templates are the most straightforward way to create pages.

Fastest to Build – Your Fast and Furious templates and resources give you a big head start at getting sites built and on the web.

Fastest to Load – Your pages are built using the W3CSS framework, which is the fastest platform for responsive webpages.

Let’s Bust a Myth About Making Sites

For simple, niche content sites, using HTML and a free WYSIWYG web editor is far easier than WordPress will ever be. I’m really not sure where the gurus got the idea that it was.

WordPress is great for a lot of things, like creating a big, expansive site or using any number of great plugins.

But for small niche sites, it’s total over-kill.

It’s like buying an entire hardware store when you only need a screwdriver.

When creating webpages for small niche sites of 8-100 pages of content, Fast and Furious Pages is the right tool for the job.


WordPress can make doing many hard things easier. But it also makes doing a lot of easy things very difficult.

Save Lots and Lots of Money…and Aspirin Too

Because Fast and Furious Pages are “static” HTML pages with as little coding as possible, they require minimal server resources.


In other words, they are super small and you don’t have to worry about things like MYSQL databases or if the host has cPanel or not.

You can easily have 1,000 articles of 1,500 words each in the same space as an installation of just one WordPress. And that’s without adding any content or things like plugins or the MYSQL database it needs.

This means you can take advantage of the great deals on hosting…and host more sites on hosting accounts with smaller available disc space.

If a host can’t run Fast and Furious pages
it can’t run webpages.

HTML pages are MUCH safer than WordPress. WP attracts hackers. Plus plugins and even templates can each have security leaks.

✔ No Constant WordPress Updates – WP and plugins constantly update to patch security issues. This can be a real hassle and an update can break entire sites.

✔ Don’t Worry about Back Ups – You have a backup of your entire site on your computer. Need to change hosts or something happens? Just re-upload it.

✔ You Are Far Less Likely to Need an Expert If Something Goes Wrong – Not only are there far fewer things that can go wrong with HTML, you are in more control and need a lot less tech knowledge if something does. This is really an underestimated possibility.

Anyone Can Make HTML Pages. How Is
the Fast and Furious Pages Approach Different?

One example of a big advantage Fast and Furious Pages gives you is when creating links. Links are one of the most important parts of creating “money” pages. Links are essential for SEO and can pass link juice and relevancy.

For marketing, links are also used to direct your visitors. Doesn’t it make sense to make links to your most important places stand out more than a link to an external site you are linking to for it’s SEO keyword relevancy and authority?

How do you protect your page’s visitors when they click off your site while still keeping your webpages open in a browser tab?

This is important stuff for marketers. Fast and Furious makes it easy and organizes these different types of links and tells you when and where you should use them.


Are You One of These People that will
l❤ve what Fast and Furious Pages Will Do For You?

Folks that use PLR articles and want them on a website as quickly as possible.

Link Builders that build Private “Blog” Networks and know you don’t need a “blog” and the importance of cheap hosts.

Expired domain name buyers that want to easily recreate the page structure of abandoned websites to take advantage of existing links and traffic.

Content creators that want to post their content on websites as quickly as possible.

SEOers who need to build multiple niche sites with minimum hassles.

Website Developers and Flippers can transfer HTML sites more quickly and easily to buyers.

People that take full advantage of artificial intelligence powered content helpers to make quality, original and helpful niche sites ASAP.

Marketers that want to test sites and get traffic before wasting their time and money.

Drastically Increase Your Odds of Success by Testing Sites FIRST

Because Fast and Furious Pages makes it so easy (and cheap) to create websites, you can see which sites are giving you the best results and deserve further attention.

Don’t waste your time on fancy designs or installing WordPress before anyone even sees your pages. Instead, create more sites with more pages.

This is the one of the very best business decisions you can make.


Mobile Responsive Pages so Everyone Can See Them

“Mobile first” means that formatting for mobile devices is the first priority. The layouts are responsive and images and embedded YouTube videos are also responsive and will resize according to browser window size. They look good full size too. See posts below.


Clean Sleek, and Uncluttered Design Perfect for Niche Content Sites

It’s still important for your pages to make a good first impression. But it’s more like brushing your teeth and combing your hair before you meet someone, rather than renting a tux or gown.

Your Fast and Furious Pages not only perform well, they look good too. See posts below for screen shots.


Two Easy Steps to Change the Entire Look and Feel

Fast and Furious Pages is all about being PRODUCTIVE and not spending time on things that don’t matter, ESPECIALLY before a site even gets any traffic.

The fact is, for direct marketers like us simple pages are often give the best results. Simple pages make it easy and obvious to let your visitors know EXACTLY what they should do next.

Here’s What You’re Getting:

4 Hand-Crafted Fast and Furious Webpage Template Layouts

✔ 2 One Column Templates – Both HTML and PHP versions

✔ 2 Two Column Templates – Both HTML and PHP versions

The top priorities of your Fast and Furious Pages templates designs are:

✽ SEO ✽ Content ✽ Direct Marketing ✽ Easy ✽ Fast Loading ✽ 

70+ Ready-to-Use Super Fast Loading Header Images

These are images that look good, give your sites some character and have been “shrunk” so they load immediately.

You can easily use them as is, modify them, use your own headers or remove it entirely for an even faster loading pages.

Just swap out the header image and change the “Title Bar” color gives you a lot of versatility with minimal effort. It’s easy to match the feel of virtually any niche with these two simple changes.


Custom Collection of Resources
The Ultimate Fast and Furious Cheat Sheets

There’s plenty of resource files and cheat sheets for you, organized with all the essentials you need to make effective and efficient webpages.

These are the bare-bones design elements that direct marketers need to make effective webpages.

Many of these are ready to use. Things like lists, tables and buttons have solid designs so you only need to paste a simple bit of HTML into your pages. The truth is, it’s the easiest way ever to design basic webpages.


You’ll find quick access to everything you need…
and NOTHING you don’t.

➽ Fast and Furious Essentials

➽ Colors

➽ Meta Tags

➽ Button Links

➽ Dingbats

➽ Tables

➽ Containers and Attention Boxes

➽ Padding

➽ Header Images

➽ Fonts

➽ Lists

All Business Websites Need These Pages

Also Included Are Required Notification and Disclaimer Pages

They’re blank and you will need to add your own info. But the templates and linking to these essential business pages is all set up for you so you can easily add these to ALL your pages.

Just paste in your own details to use them.

They will protect you and likely help your rankings, as well as comply with the TOS of sites like Amazon and Google AdSense.

✻ About Page ✻ Affiliate Disclosure Page  ✻ Contact Page ✻ DMCA Page ✻ Earnings Page ✻ Privacy Page ✻ Spam Page ✻ TOS Page ✻

Extra Special Bonus: My Fast and Furious
Personal Builder Files

These are my personal EditPlus “ClipText” files that I actually use myself.

It’s taken me years to build this collection. These are the same resources included in the Quick Tips Cheat Sheets all at your fingertips for EditPlus users.

They are really easy to install and then just click on the snippets of your choice and EditPlus pastes the code into your pages.

EditPlus is a premium text editor. It’s cheap at $35 one-time and a great investment. It also has a full 30 day trial. You can get a lot done in 30 days using Fast and Furious.

You don’t need EditPlus to use Fast and Furious Pages.  But if your goal is to make more than 4-5 niche sites over your entire career, get EditPlus and use it with my personal “Builder” files.

✻ Note: I’m not affiliated with EditPlus in any way. I’m just a paying customer myself and recommend it.

Your Ultimate Website Building Bundle❢ 

Being able to create effective niche sites with a focus on marketing easily and cheaply is essential. Fast and Furious Pages does this better than any other option.

Your niche sites need two more things:

A Good Domain Name

❷ Quality Content

Here’s Your special invitation to
build better Niche sites faster


A Vast Assortment of Content Materials:

The Kings and Queens of Content is a special private forum at where you’re getting VIP access to a treasure trove of tools, tips and info for creating content, making your own products, expert domain finding methods and more.

“Content” doesn’t only mean writing articles. The Kings and Queens VIP explores all kinds of content. From making memes to developing your own search engines.

For example, The Public Domain Printshop is ready for you to download and is your guide to uncovering Public Domain media you can use to make tons of website content and your own digital and print products…for free.

And Public Domain Printshop is just one of many valuable content resources available in the VIP forum.

Discover the Most potent Domain Names for Your Sites:

You really owe it to yourself to get the most valuable domain names you can at the very best price you can. A good domain name can instantly increase the value of your website…or be totally worthless.

The Official Domain Royale Methods and Cookbook gives you details for more than 15 strategies that uncover domain names with value in ways even the domaining gurus don’t know.

Seriously, This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’re getting as a VIP member of the Kings and Queens of Content private forum. There’s so much more unique info for creating content you just can’t find anywhere else.

Get Fast and Furious Pages

4 Hand-Crafted Fast and Furious Webpage Templates. One and two column layouts in html and php files.Your templates focus on SEO, Content Publishing, Direct Marketing, Ease and Fast Loading

Notification and Disclaimer Pages

70+ Ready-to-Use Super Fast Loading Header Images

Custom Collection of Resources – The Ultimate Fast and Furious Cheat Sheets

Extra Special Bonus: My Fast and Furious Personal Builder Files These are my personal EditPlus “ClipText” files that I actually use myself.

PLUS VIP Access to the Kings and Queens of Content Private Forum

Get Everything in Fast and Furious Pages PLUS:

Public Domain Printshop
The Official Domain Royale Methods and Cookbook
POD Factory
The Meme Machine
The Mighty Quote Kit
King of Content 1 and 2
POD Treasure Maps
Lots more…

Guides and How To’s

How to Find Extraordinary Opportunities with Software
The “Exploratory Bet” – Rank BEFORE You Create Content?
The Modern Method to Create Content Quickly and Legally Writing SEO Content
How to use Creative Commons for Lots of Content
Heaps more…

Requirements and Notices:
  • Sorry, no refunds. All sales final.
  • Fast and Furious Pages is an immediate download. But I add people to the forum manually, so please give me a little time when you chose to join the forum.
  • Some kind of previous webpage creation experience is recommended.
  • Web hosting and domain names.
  • Able to upload/FTP pages to the Web.
  • A good text editor like EditPlus (free trial) or NotePad++ (free) and a WYSIWYG webpage editor like SeaMonkey (free).
  • You need EditPlus (free trial) to use my Personal Builder Files. Everything in these files can be also be accessed using the included Resource files.
  • All no-private client support is handled through the forum.


Thanks for your time and see you at the Forum!

Kurt Melvin