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  Print On Demand Ideas
Posted by: Jeffery - 05-01-2020, 09:38 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (16)

Print On Demand Ideas are always running through my mind... they dare not walk. lol Big Grin

I am no graphics artist by any means, so please think as my stuff as rough at the best.

This idea is for T-Shirts.

Add your domain name for exposure.

[Image: warrior-defiance-red.png?raw=1]


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  A stitch in time - basic strategy
Posted by: Kurt - 04-30-2020, 08:12 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (9)

Many years ago "stitching pages" was a method of creating doorway pages for ranking in SEs. Stitching was adding elements from different sources to a web page, like a little text, some links from ODP/DMOZ, some RSS feeds, amazon results, etc.

Stitching pages is actually a pretty good strategy today too, but you do it with multi-media and original content. Here's a content and marketing plan anyone can do for free.

You need to be able to create print on demand products like tees and mugs (and planty more) and list them either on a site like Etsy or on your own Woocommerce or shopify store.

By creating your own products you are in control. You don't need to be approved for affiliate programs and you get paid a lot quicker. If I make a sale on Amazon Merch it will take 4-8 weeks for me to see the money. But with my own POD products on Etsy I'll see the money in a day or two.

POD also lets you create your own products in a variety of niches and once you get the process down you can create good, vialble products in tons of niches really quickly.

Next you need to build a presence at sites like Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn and maybe FB groups. This takes time. But be smart. Be helpful. And brand yourself. At Reddit you can build a lot of karma in niches you enjoy. Get your karma up in them. Then join in a few subreddits where your target audience is and build a good reputation here. Same general idea with the others.

Create a big page of "stitched" content that will appeal to your target folks like "43 Things Nurses Need to Know About Covid" and make a great page using infographics, links, videos, etc.

And embed your "Nurses are Heroes" tee in your page too.

And repeat. Most of these will be "duds" but this is something that you can grind away at over and over and you'll get some "hits" and build links at the same time.

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  The $11 Marketing Funnel
Posted by: Kurt - 04-29-2020, 12:55 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (5)

If someone only had $11 to invest, I think this is what I'd recommend.

Get an account with a free email autoresponder service like MailChimp that has a free landing page feature.

Here's a video on how to set up landing pages with Mail Chimp:

Buy a domain and learn how to create redirects. Here's how to do it using NameCheap:

Get a free site at something like Wix or Weebly.

Take an hour and really master how to use URL redirects and sub domain redirects at Namecheap and use them to point links to your MailChimp landing pages and your Wix/Weebly pages.

This way when you're ready for your own hosting you can change your redirects from Wix to your own site.

MailChimp has limitations for marketers. Use it as a test and only until you're getting results. Then get an account at GetResponse or aWeber and send your redirects either to landing pages on those accounts or to pages on your own site.

I think landing page builders offered by all the autoresponder companies and a really underrated resource and they're easy to get everything hooked up and looking good. Wix and Weebly offer quite a few options for landing pages and using URL redirects keeps you in control while depending on free third party resources.

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  WordPress and Pheeds/MyBB for Internet Marketing?
Posted by: Jeffery - 04-23-2020, 04:40 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - No Replies

Anyone using WordPress for niche websites, landing pages, etc.?

One thing I like about Pheeds is it is a MyBB forum and anyone can add WordPress (WP) as the front-end. Also, if you already have a WP site(s) on the front-end it is very easy to add Pheeds/MyBB Forum to the website. In other words, when someone visits your website WP can be the first introduction to you, your brand, etc. and more importantly Pheeds can empower your MyBB forum for collaboration, a means of getting to know your visitors - visitors getting to know you, a support forum instead of a full customer support software application that can be very taxing and with Pheeds/MyBB forum we can make new friends.

In many ways there are people that "Talk the Talk' and that is all they do whereas with Pheeds/MyBB you "Walk The Walk!" Is there a better way to build your brand? I don't think so. Sure, anyone can join a online community for the purpose of building a brand, but... how do other people percieve them when they have nothing to endorse the brand, product, service. When people realize there is nothing to gain they may also realize they have everything to lose. People in our business do not want to be losers.

Enter WordPress, Pheeds and your own forum. You have all of the control. Want to share your talents, skills, rub shoulders with like minded people, attract affiliates, sell yourself, etc. The sky is the limit. It may be the beginning of a whole new business model, it may be the end to the "shiny object syndrome" and that means a lot to our bottom line.

Jeffery 100% Smile

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  Pheeds Content Silo - The Ugly but Extremely Useful Page for Writing Content
Posted by: Kurt - 04-23-2020, 02:29 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (13)

Content Silo - The Ugly and Exremely Useful Page for Writing Content

You can also access it directly from the top navigation menu on each forum page:
| Content Silo |

Problem: Writing content often means switching from one program window with your notes and research to another window to create your original content.

Solution: Content Silo is a simple web page with 3 boxes so you can paste in notes, research and type in the work area and see all three at the same time.

Suggested use:

Left/Yellow Box
Notes, headlines, keywords, etc.

Center/Gray Box
Research, PLR, stats, etc.

Right/Blue Box
Your original work and has character and word count.

You can resize each box by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of each.

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  I believe one essential element of marketing is...you have to participate
Posted by: Kurt - 04-22-2020, 07:34 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (3)

One of the surest ways to grow online is to participate in communities. It's not a fast way to make money but it's a very reliable and long term.

Look for opportunities to reach people THEN think about things you can sell. Real marketing is finding the market FIRST then products and services for that market.

If you're just starting join Quora, FB and Reddit and get a feel for how they work. Find forums that are active and offer finacial opportunity.

And participate.

Don't try to sell directly in these places. Instead NETWORK with the influencers in each. Help the communties and get yourself "known". If you're in a few FB groups, on a couple of forums, and active in Quora and Reddit you can use the stuff you find in one to post in the others.

Be creative. FB doesn't allow sigs but you can create an animated GIF upload it to GIPHY and include the URL to it every time you post. Not an ad, but something to brand yourself as the helpful person.

And participate. Especially here at the Pheeds Phorum. Smile

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Question Form submission: Help Pheeds Help You Form
Posted by: changemaker - 04-22-2020, 03:25 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (2)

Question and Info: I purchased "Pheed Me Traffic" and I would appreciate some suggestions on how to best monetize this process for a newbie? Blog with Adsense, Clickbank, IM PLR? regular PLR, CPA? I know it's a dumb question

Experience: My experience: Corp. Exec. (retired), serial shiny object buyer with half-ass attempts using what I buy. Can do WP, other page builders

Your Assets: Have 4 domains, hosting. page builders, no social media accts, have cloud based autoresponder using smtp, but never used it. Here is a website I built recently. Was about to launch service when Covid 19 hit real estate market. Looking for a JV partner to help marketing service.

Your Marketing History: see above

Budget - Startup: not much

Budget - Ongoing Monthly: not much

I understand I'm making a public post with this info.: I understand I

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  Help Us Help You - We need this to give you the best replies
Posted by: Kurt - 04-21-2020, 07:45 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - No Replies

If you're new to marketing we can help. But we need some basic info to give you the best advice.  Just fill out this form and it will create a new thread with your info.

Go here. This special page will let you start a new thread with some basic background info:

NOTE: Your message will be posted in the Cash Cow public forum is isn't a private message.
Plus, it lets us know you're willing to put in a little effort and you even get Cow Chips for starting a thread and more chips for responses to your thread.

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  Three Steps To Get Up To Speed On Any Subject Quickly
Posted by: Jeffery - 04-21-2020, 05:13 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - No Replies

Three Steps To Get Up To Speed On Any Subject Quickly

Came across a nifty article today that applies to niche research and the problem some of us have when we need content for any niche we are not familiar with in terms of writing niche content.

Imagine if you will, you have an idea for a new niche, you do user intent research as it relates to targeted traffic, SEO research aka buyer keywords, etc. and you know from the data you've collected that the niche could be profitable.

Then comes the proverbial writer's block of sorts. Content is needed and a lot of it strategicaly placed in front of potential buyers.

This article speaks to that and even though it is a reprint from 2016 it is sourced from some very authoritive people. Content researchers will recognize the names associated with the advise.

In a nutshell here are three excepts from the article that I have heard of before, but never knew the source until today. Side note: I reworded some of the excerpts for my own digital library.

1. First, Google Once Then Start Sketching
To build a quick overview of what other people have said — and then stop Googling.

2. Get Inside the Right People’s Heads (Not Just the Experts’)
The secret isn’t just talking to smart people. It’s "talking to the right smart people."

3. Teach to Know
Two kinds of knowledge: the shallow kind, which only reveals the names of things, and real knowledge, which comes from truly understanding how they work.

Write out everything you know about the subject as if you were teaching it to someone else. Not your smart friend but rather a toddler. This may sound silly, but this part is incredibly important and has worked wonders

Break down the problem and practice explaining what you want the reader learn in simple language that anyone could follow.

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Thumbs Up Pheeds Membership Stampede - Pharmers Market and Cow Chips Special
Posted by: Kurt - 04-21-2020, 09:15 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (2)

At the Pheeds Forum you get access to special private forums, free ads, downloads and more just for participating.


For a limited time you get even more "cow chips" for participating
and even more value when getting stuff with chips.

80 chips just to sign up for a new account. If you've been here awhile just PM me saying "80 chips please".

20 chips for every new thread you start. But no junk just to get chips. You help me and I'll help you.

4 chips for every qualifying (30 words or more) reply to a thread you start and a bonus for each character.

You are rewarded here by starting threads that other people reply to. Start a thread in any forum you're a member and not only do you get 20 chips (for a limited time) you also get 4 more for every qualifying reply.

What you can get (for a limited time)

120 chips - One New Thread in the Pharmers Market.

You get 80 chips just for signing up at Pheeds. Start a couple of threads and reply to a few others and you get a free thread in the Pharmers Market.

Here's some ideas for your Pharmers Market threads:
  • Sell Your Product
  • Lets Swap Alibis
  • Post Your YouTube Videos
  • Have a Review with Affiliate Links To A Recommended Product
  • Offer Your Services For Hire
  • Add A Link To Your or a Client's Blog Post
  • Link to a Kick Starter Campaign
  • Highlight Your Favorite Charity Site
  • Promote Your Udemy Course
  • Link to Your Kindle Book
  • Post Links to Your Social Media Accounts to Get More Friends and Followers
  • Help Wanted
  • Build Your Email List
  • Request Honest Reviews for Your Product
  • Announce Your "Unicorn Breeding for Fun and Profit" Product Launch
  • Start an "Affiliates Wanted" thread for your product
  • Add Images and Links to Your Etsy Shop Products
  • I'll Trade You / Let's Barter
  • Will Write For Phood

Please no :
  • Blackhat products (Defined by harming others for your own gain).
  • Sharing anything you don't have a legal or ethical right to share.
  • No bashing or "name and shame".
  • No hate, bigotry, racism, etc.

Keep it PG-13

Also see the rules on this thread, especially the disclaimer you must include:

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