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  What's wrong with this picture
Posted by: Kurt - 03-27-2020, 05:36 AM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (28)

Last person to post a mistake wins...

[Image: 90556679_3505274199502198_37646413128636...e=5EA1AB90]

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  The Definitive List of 64 Influencer Marketing Tools for 2020
Posted by: Kurt - 03-25-2020, 05:32 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - No Replies

This is a really good collection of tools for anyone into (or wants to get into) influencer marketing.


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  List of Buyer Keywords
Posted by: Kurt - 03-23-2020, 03:54 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (3)

The following list of keywords are words that indicate "buyer intent". Strongly consider using these as keywords and phrases as they indicate that the person using them is looking to buy something and isn’t simply searching for information. Especially give them a try for PPC. This may be a case where you get less traffic but make more money.

Affordable (Product/Keyword)
Alleviate (problem keyword)
Avoid (problem keyword)
Bargain (Product/Keyword)
Bargain (Product/Keyword)
Best Deal
Best Deals
Best (Product/Keyword)
Best Of (Product/Keyword)
Best Price For (Product/Keyword)
Best Price (Product/Keyword)
Best Reviews Of (Product/Keyword)
Best Savings For (Product/Keyword)
Best Selling
Best (Product/Keyword)
Best (Product/Keyword)
Big (Product/Keyword)
Biggest (Product/Keyword)
Brand Name (Product/Keyword)
Brand New (Product/Keyword)
Budget (Product/Keyword)
Buy (Product/Keyword)
Buy (Product/Keyword) Online
Buy One Get One Free
Buy One Get One Half-off
Buy Online
Buy (Product/Keyword)
Buy (Product/Keyword) With Check
Buy (Product/Keyword) With Credit Card
Buy (Product/Keyword) With PayPal
Cash Back For (Product/Keyword)
(Product/Keyword) Rebate
Cheap (Product/Keyword)
Cheap (Product/Keyword) Online
Cheapest (Product/Keyword)
Cheapest Price For (Product/Keyword)
Clearance (Product/Keyword)
Closeout (Product/Keyword)
Code For
Compare (Product/Keyword)
Compare Prices For (Product/Keyword)
Coupon Code
Coupon Code For (Product/Keyword)
Coupon Codes
Coupon For (Product/Keyword)
Cure (problem keyword)
Deal With (problem keyword)
Deals For (Product/Keyword)
Factory Direct
Directions for (Product/Keyword)
Discontinued (Product/Keyword)
Discount Code
Discount (Product/Keyword)
Discounted (Product/Keyword)
Eliminate (problem keyword)
End (problem keyword)
Expensive (Product/Keyword)
Find A (Product/Keyword)
For Children
For Couples
For Girls
For Kids
For Men
For Newbies
For Sale
For Sale (Product/Keyword)
For Seniors
For Students
For Women
Free Shipping
Get A (Product/Keyword)
Get Cheap (Product/Keyword)
Get Rid Of  (problem keyword)
Get The Best Price For (Product/Keyword)
Get (Product/Keyword) (Online)
Gifts for
Good Price For (Product/Keyword)
Great Buy
Half Price
Half Priced
Heal (problem keyword)
High Price (Product/Keyword)
High Priced (Product/Keyword)
How Can
How Do
How Do I
How Do I Get (Product/Keyword)
How Do You
How To
How To Build
How To Create
How To Cure
How To Get Rid Of (problem keyword)
How To Make
How To Stop (problem keyword)
Inexpensive (Product/Keyword)
Instructions for (Product/Keyword)
(Product/Keyword) Best Price
(Product/Keyword) Cheap
(Product/Keyword) Compare Prices
(Product/Keyword) For Sale
(Product/Keyword) For Sale Online
(Product/Keyword) On Amazon
(Product/Keyword) On Line
(Product/Keyword) Reviews
(Product/Keyword) Sale
(Product/Keyword) Under $50
Low Cost
Low Cost (Product/Keyword)
Low Cost (Product/Keyword)
Low Price (Product/Keyword)
Low Priced
Low Priced (Product/Keyword)
Lowest Price For (Product/Keyword)
Luxury (Product/Keyword)
Model Numbers
New (Product/Keyword)
On Sale
Online Coupon
Online (Product/Keyword)
Online Promo
Payment Plan
Price Compare (Product/Keyword)
Price Comparisons (Product/Keyword)
Promo Codes
Promotional Code
Fast Shipping
Express Shipping
Overnight Shipping
Shipping Included
Reduced Price
Reduced (Product/Keyword)
Refurbished (Product/Keyword)
Reasonably Priced
Incentive Program
Sales-priced (Product/Keyword)
Second Hand (Product/Keyword)
Secret Codes
Specific Brand Names and Model Numbers
The Cheapest (Product/Keyword) Online
The Ultimate Buyer (Product/Keyword) List
Top 10 (Product/Keyword) (Year)
Top Of The Line (Product/Keyword)
Top Selling
Used (Product/Keyword)
What Is The Best Price For (Product/Keyword)
Where Can
Where Can I
Where Can I Buy (Product/Keyword)
Where Can I Buy (Product/Keyword)
Where Can You Buy (Product/Keyword)
Where To Buy
Where To Buy (Product/Keyword)
Where To Buy (Product/Keyword) (Online)
Where To Find (Product/Keyword) (Online)
Where To Shop For (Product/Keyword) (Online)
Who Sells (Product/Keyword)
Who Sells (Product/Keyword) Cheap
Who Sells (Product/Keyword) The Cheapest
Who Sells The Cheapest (Product/Keyword) On Line
(Product/Keyword) Bonus
(Product/Keyword) Coupon
(Product/Keyword) Coupon Code
(Product/Keyword) Discount
(Product/Keyword) For Cheap
(Product/Keyword) In Stock
(Product/Keyword) On Sale
(Product/Keyword) Overstock
(Product/Keyword) Pre-owned
(Product/Keyword) Promo
(Product/Keyword) Promo Code
(Product/Keyword) Review
(Product/Keyword) Special
Factory Direct
Factory Clearance
Lot of (Product/Keyword)
Gross of (Product/Keyword)
Pallet(s) of (Product/Keyword)
Free with purchase
Rent to Own

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  COVID - How to protect ourselves
Posted by: Kurt - 03-22-2020, 04:24 AM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (67)

I've spent a lot of time researching ways we can help protect ourselves and each other from COVID. I've listed some things I've found below.

I am a solutions orientated person. By that, I try to solve a problem instead of complaining.

Please, NO COMMENTS ABOUT WHY THINGS WON'T WORK. If I, or anyone else, is wrong about a stat or there is a different point of view from a credible resource, please post it here.

I just don't want to hear, "It's a good idea but it won't work because so and so won't do this and that. And please, no politics or politicians.

I also strongly believe that knowledge is power. You may never use any of this, but you know where to find them if/when needed.

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Sad Goodbye Kenny Rogers
Posted by: 10x - 03-21-2020, 10:27 AM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (3)


I loved Kenny growing up even though I hated country music. I'll have to get out the greatest hits album I listened to as a teenager and into the adult years and listen again to celebrate his music. I haven't listened in a long time.

All the good ones (subjective I know) are leaving us too soon.

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  eBay Partner Network email about COVID
Posted by: Kurt - 03-20-2020, 05:32 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (1)

I got this from eBay since I'm an EPN (affiliete). Even if you're not in EPN this info may interest you.

Quote:Hi Kurt,

Here at eBay, we have been monitoring the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are working closely with local leaders to ensure the safety and well-being of our community and employees. As our partner, we feel it’s important to keep you updated and aware of the steps we are taking.
Protecting consumers
We have been working with regional health authorities across the globe, who have been incredibly supportive of our mission to stop predatory selling. These include the US FDA, French Ministry of Economy, Italian and German medicine authorities, and the Westminster Trading Standards Department in the UK.
As of March 5, eBay US, IT, CA, and FR have blocked all new listings and removed existing listings that sell healthcare masks, hand sanitizers and gels, and disinfecting wipes. This is to comply with regulatory restrictions and protect consumers from unfair pricing behaviors exhibited by some sellers. We will also remove other commodities such as toilet paper and bleach if prices become disproportionately high. 
Listings containing the words “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” have been blocked since February 3.
Starting March 16, buyers who search for terms related to COVID-19 will see a banner at the top of the search page that redirects them to the official WHO website. 
Ensuring employee well-being
Many of our offices around the globe have instituted work-from-home directives to protect our employees and do what we can to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Our employees remain focused on working in support of you. 
Continuing work as usual
We will continue to ensure that restricted items are omitted from our feeds as appropriate, and are taking swift actions to prohibit predatory selling of restricted items. We encourage you to continue promoting items as you normally would. 
We are working hard to keep the eBay Partner Network going strong and bring you the best experience possible.  We are committed to keeping you informed as this situation evolves and will provide updates as able.
Thank you for your partnership and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at AskEPN@ebay.com.
The eBay Partner Network Team 

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  Covid 19 Survival "caring"marketing Ideas
Posted by: cosmic77 - 03-18-2020, 10:14 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (47)

So I got the go Ahead from Kurt to open this thread.
PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT for gaming it with the vulnerable. I have seen already some scam marketers digging deep in the pit by selling more fear...This is not about that. Thank you.

Lets put our heads together as a Braintrust here perhaps?
Or If not - Lets look at trending Niches of sales/services we can honorably help out, helping our own families at the same time.

My first seed ideas based off what I could do with my skill sets are:

1. Small membership club on Localised B2B helpline Information & Networking
2. Free Webinars (to) Paid consultancy on supporting sales & Cashflow Ideas for New Home Business start Ups
3. Helping Schools set up webinar platforms
4. Helping B2B to set up seminars online

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  What do you learn in marketing class that you won't learn in real life marketing?
Posted by: Kurt - 03-17-2020, 11:27 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (1)

I've taken a few "formal education" marketing classes. Honestly, they do lack a lot of actionable info. Although I dodged it in my classes, a lot of college marketing classes is going to a mall and conducting surveys. Wink

But they do teach some very important things you probably won't get online in IM.

The first is ethics. You really don't see much discussion of ethics. And I seriously doubt an info product about ethics in marketing would sell very well, because of lack of demand.

Another thing discussed in a college marketing class is basic business law.

Don't take my word on this. I'm old and I took these classes many years ago. I could be wrong. Or maybe I'm right but things have changed. I'm posting this for discussion and not as legal advice.

Here's an example. How much money do I have to make to claim I made "thousands of dollars"?

Most people think "thousands" means two or more. Actually, it means "more than one". That means if I made $1000.01, I can say I made "thousands of dollars".

I sold "dozens" could very well legally mean 13 or more, assuming you couldn't sell a fraction of one. "Scores" would be 21 or more, etc. Someone that lived to be 100 years and a day could say they lived for "centuries".

Another common (and important) legal definition is the use of the word "sale". IIRC a product/service has to be at least 5% off the REGULAR SELLING PRICE. "Launch" or "Grand Opening Sale" should be OK since you're telling folks it hasn't been sold before.

One law I found very interesting at the time was that you couldn't charge someone more for using a credit card. But it was OK to give a "cash discount". No one student or professor, ever understood that one either. Wink

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  Diy Hand Sanitizer According to CDC Specifications.
Posted by: Kurt - 03-17-2020, 05:37 PM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - No Replies

DIY Hand Sanitizer According to CDC Specifications.

CDC says you need at least an alcohol content of 60% to make your own hand sanitizer. Using this number and a lot of research, this is the best formula I've found. Of course, you can use the CDC's recipe...it you want about 2 1/2 GALLONS of sanitizer. But if you don't want that much....

Yes, it's best to use soap and a lot of water and friction (and time scrubbing). But if you're not around a soap, sink and water and/or want the alcohol to stick to your hands a little longer, a hand sanitizer is probably a good idea.

Using 71% isopropyl alcohol

  • 11 parts 71% isopropyl alcohol.
  • 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  • 1 part aloe or glycerin
11/13 = 84.6% x 71% = 60% total alcohol content

Using 91% isopropyl alcohol
  • 6 parts 91% isopropyl alcohol.
  • 2 parts 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  • 1 part aloe or glycerin
6/9 parts alcohol = 66.7% x 91% = 60.7% total alcohol content

I'd probably add just another little bit more alcohol just to be sure. But you don't' want too much either because it seems that the alcohol works better at around 60-70% and not higher because the extra water helps it attact the virus more effectively by covering it more thoroughly.

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  The Hidden Google Ranking Factor That You’re Probably Deleting
Posted by: Kurt - 03-17-2020, 04:17 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (3)

Here's an excellent video that shows an experiment to see if Google has a hidden ranking factor. Plus it seems a few WP "optimization" plugins probably delete this data.

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