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  Ever think of something too late?
Posted by: Kurt - 03-17-2020, 01:40 AM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (2)

Ever think of something too late? I really wish I would have named this "Out to Pasture" forum "The Water Trough" instead. It's the cow version of "Water Cooler". Wink

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  91 Niche Video Spokespeople Videos
Posted by: Kurt - 03-16-2020, 05:32 AM - Forum: The Pharmers Market - Replies (1)

91 Niche Video Spokespeople Videos
The Fastest, Easiest, Most Effective and CHEAPEST Way to Create

Video Sales Letters in Unlimited Niches With Professional Spokespeople...

Already bought 91 Spoke Videos? Download here.

A library of professional spokes people at your finger tips.

Your 91 sales videos follow a PROVEN copy writing formula for maximum results.

Here's All The Videos You're Getting:

1a-Generic - Use with any niche!
1b-Generic - Use with any niche!
2-animal training services
3-architectural services
5-auto mechanic
6-babysitting services
7-business services
8-catering services
9-cleaning services
10-commercial contractor
11-consultant #1
12-Consultant #2
13-copyrighting services
14-cosmetic dentist
15-credit repair
16-custom home upgrade
17-digital-internet attorney
18-dog grooming services
19-domestic maid services
20-dry cleaning services
21-drywall contractor
22-duct cleaner
23-electrical contractor
24-electrical services
25-event planner
26-events management services
27-fencing service
28-finical planner
29-fire/flood disaster service
30-flood restoration
31-flooring contractor
33-freight shipping services
34-glass repair services
35-graphic designer
36-heating ventilation and air conditioning
37-home appraiser
38-home improvement
39-interior designer
41-laundry services
42-lead generation services
43-legal services
44-life coach
45-life insurance
46-limo service
48-marriage counseling service
49-mobile app
50-mold specialist
51-mortgage broking services
52-moving services
53-online marketer
55-painting services
56-patent and trademark attorney
57-pest control services
58-pet sitter
60-pool car specialist
61-printing services
62-private investigator
63-private investigator #2
64-public relations  consultant
65-public relations consultant #2
65-real estate agency
66-real estate agent
69-screen printing services
70-search engine optimizations
71-social media consultant
72-storage services
73-storage services #2
74-tattoo removal services
75-travel agency
76-travel agent
77-travel services
78-video marketing services
80-web developer
81-web developer #2
82-wedding planner
83-window tinting services
84-windows washing services
85-windshield repair
86-credit repair #2
87-dog training services
88-wedding planner #2
89-credit repair #2
90-dog training services

Use this coupon for $5 off:

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  Ideas for Promoting Pheeds, Or Any Program, Affiliate Offer Ect.
Posted by: Claire Koch - 03-15-2020, 12:25 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (5)

This is an idea for promoting pheeds with a rebrandable pdf.  I have not made one yet but I thought I'd share.

How many people are joining other earning forums or programs to get "coin"?  There are quite a few out there.

Well feeds compliments them because it can allow someone to create an earning forum of their own. so if you
do this you may be much more targeted in your advertising.

Kurt mentioned somewhere that he'd like to promote pheeds with rebrandable pdf's.  So that got me thinking of
a good way to do that and combine these earning forums to get referrals.  This will kill two birds with one stone
and get you some free cash.  Idea lends itself to any product, any resource list.

You could easily create a rebrandable pdf (you could use any program that allows that
right now. I can think of free open office and paid microsoft office.  In that program use a blank document to create, then use
the resource they have to convert it to pdf.

First join the other earning forums you like then....

In the pdf just make a resource list of those forums with your affiliate links but
advertise pheeds above them as an advertisement.  Use kurts graphics.  Once you get it
set up just add on last little step;  "Rebrand this pdf by going to: http://www.pdfaid.com/rebrandpdf.aspx"

Its hard to know how super hot these little earning places are.  But I think its more like steaming.  So kurts product
is in high demand.

Here's a few ideas for other thing you can do as lists.  There are tons of sites/blogs that do lists but not rebrandable pdfs.  Most people just use
a lot of content when they do a pdf or rebrandable pdf. If you want an example of one place I know does list pdf's head over to reducethehype.com
there are a few over there you could not only learn from but use.

-do a list of places you can sell printables
-do a list of apps that pay in gift cards and paypal
-do a list of other kinds of affiliate programs
-make a pdf full of affiliate youtube videos, for coin earning forums, or gift card apps, you can still add your own affiliate link under
the video.   (back in the day John Rogers did this trick). I bought his training. I do remember that.
-Make a pdf full of places you can flip Your stuff for cash
-do a list of apps for getting gig jobs
-do a pdf of places you get blogging job or earn for blog posting places
-do a pdf of microjob places you can earn from
-do a pdf of places where you can do surveys or a neat strategy for earning from surveys
-do a pdf of places you can earn for listening to music, or watching videos.

There's so many things you can do a list of. Put on your creative hats.

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  Storing energy with concrete? This battery could solve a lot of problems
Posted by: Kurt - 03-12-2020, 08:16 PM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (2)

This is a mechanical battery. It uses energy when it is plentiful to lift blocks of cement by crane. Then used the energy gravity creates when needed when the blocks are lowered.

From what I can tell, a regular lithium battery returns 90% of the electricity it takes in, whereas the mechanical batter returns 85%. While not quite as efficient as a chemical battery, the mechanical battery is much cheaper and easier to create.

And in many areas, it's cheaper to leave the electrical generators running 24/7 even when not needed because it takes more energy to start them up than to let the run. This means there are long periods of time at night when electricity is just going to waste. If these mechanical batteries work as well as they say, this seems like a better way to do things.

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  Why do you think RAP music has been so popular for so long?
Posted by: Kurt - 03-11-2020, 06:54 PM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (1)

Why do you think RAP music has been so popular for so long?

I like American music history and most types of American music is popular for 10 years, or about a generation. Rag, Big Band and original rock and roll like Chuck Berry and Elvis were popular for around 10 years.

For this discussion I define rock and roll as Elvis stuff and "rock" as post 1965 or so, after the British Invasion. Rock has lasted for a few decades but it doesn't dominate like it did in the 60-80s.

Rap started in about 1980 and new-ish rap stars are still popular and famous.

I think it's popular because it's so simple and everyone thinks they could be a rapper. It doesn't take any musical skill with an instrament (practice, practice, practice) and everyone can talk...but few of us can sing.

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  Things you miss...
Posted by: Kurt - 03-10-2020, 07:39 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (4)

How about some things you miss in IM?

I miss the old AllPosters affiliate program when it was in house. It was great for using images on your site but you also make money from them. It was especially great for things like celebrities, movies and other images of famous people you would normally have a hard time getting a license to use...and again you would make money if someone bought a poster from you. I did pretty well from their old affiliate program and used their poster images to decorate many sites.

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Star Marketing Ethics Polls
Posted by: Kurt - 03-10-2020, 03:30 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (2)

One of the things I do online is sell print on demand tee shirts, mugs, etc. I have a couple of ideas for humorous tees about the corona virus.

Since this is a very new and trending topic/niche, corona merch could be in demand.

So, is it ethical for me to create and sell tee shirts with corona virus as the theme and profiting off what could be a major tragedy?

Please let's not get political with this topic...thanks.

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  What is where you live famous for?
Posted by: Kurt - 03-09-2020, 10:21 PM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (6)

I live in Estes Park CO. It's a "summer" Colorado mountain tourist town. Most tourist towns in Colorado are winter sports resorts, and we get less snow (usually) on this side of the mountains.

We're the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, which is the 3-4 most visited national park in the US and known for the Park. We're also known for the Stanley Hotel which is where Steven King wrote The Shining.

But more than anything else, we're known for the elk that visit town. Just a few miles away is the largest concentration of elk on Earth and they visit town often and are our major tourist attraction. Mostly people from Denver/Boulder, but also from all over the World come here to see the elk.

BTW The Stanley was also used in the movie Dumb and Dumber. It was created as a resort for FO Stanley who created the Stanely Steamer steam powered car. Stanley once picked up Teddy Roosevelt in Denver and drove him to the hotel in Estes to go hunting.

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  What are some of your biggest mistakes in IM?
Posted by: Kurt - 03-03-2020, 07:05 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (3)

For me it was early on thinking that everyone with a competing product was an "enemy", when these people should have been thought of as future friends and partner.

I'm not sure it's a "mistake" but a weakness of mine is I don't connect easily with other people and have to work at it. IMO networking maybe the the single most impactful element of marketing (and life in general).

Anything marketing related you'd like a do-over for?

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  Pheeders Traffic
Posted by: Kurt - 03-03-2020, 07:09 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - No Replies

Did you come here from the Pheeders sales page looking for proof that the Pheeders system drives free traffic?

If so, you're the proof the strategy works by being here and reading this post. The Pheeders system is probably how you got here for the first time.

You were very likely brought to this Pheeds Forum thread because someone sent you to the Pheeders sales page using their affiliate link.

And there's nothing wrong with that. They sent you information about Pheeders and thought you'd be interested in it.

More importantly, you can do the same thing using Pheeders Membership Maker plugin to connect your own free MYBB forum with the WarriorPlus affiliate platform.

Go ahead a look around the Pheeds Forum. You'll see the public parts of the forum. People that get Pheeders Membership Maker plugin will also have access to all sorts of private forums and downloads.

By participating in the Pheeds Forum you earn Cow Chips which let you buy things like posting an ad, special downloads, coupons and more.

Here's a few links to get you going on the Pheeds Forum:

The Pheeds Forum Homepage with 3 public forums and many private forums you can't see unless you're a members:

Pheeders FAST Step by Step Setup in Under 10 Minutes - 4 training videos all less than 10 minutes TOTAL to get you set up and running:

Why a forum instead of a blog?

Go ahead and look around. We really hope you'll stick around and join us and remember you can do this too.

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