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  Kings and Queens of Content VIP Access and Downloads
Posted by: Kurt - 04-16-2020, 01:26 AM - Forum: The Pharmers Market - Replies (1)

Kings and Queens of Content and Product Creation VIP Access - One time payment, no monthly charges.
Available for Pheeds Phorum members only. If you're not a member, you can register here for free:

Once you register and log in, you can order access here:

Here's some of the stuff KQoC VIPs get:

King of Content 1 and 2 EXTREME version - Reg. $22.00
An amazing assortment of training and resources that takes your content creation and marketing to an entirely new level. King of Content 2 is your unique guide to creating a wide variety of profitable content as quickly and easily as possible.

Sales Page/More info:

POD Factory - Previously only offered for a short time to my email list for $20.
Exclusive training that reveals how to make 100s of print on demand products almost as quickly as you can make a single design. Plus, you'll discover a secret strategy that will save you a lot of time, labor and unneeded hassles when you list your POD products on sites like Etsy, Amazon and eBay.

No sales page. Never before available to the public.

Meme Machine - Reg. $14.95
You're getting over 550 high quality images perfect for making memes. Plus 129 Happy Birthday images. Posting birthday graphics is a great way to engage with people on social media.

Sales Page/More info:

Mighty Quote Kit - $12.95
Makes tons of unique video and static image "quote posters" to enhance your social media presence. Massive collection of video backgrounds, image backgrounds, speech bubbles, PowerPoint templates and quality quotes.

Everything you need to quickly create lots of interesting and engaging social quote posters. Also included is special PowerPoint training showing you how to make hundreds (or more) quote memes and video posters in just a few minutes. Add your URL to them all for easy branding.

Sales Page/More info:

RSS Riot Content Software
A custom RSS reader I've pre-stocked with a huge variety of constantly updating information from the best sources on the Net. Use RSS Riot for your own info and entertainment as well as using it for research and sharing on your social networks to increase your engagement. Tons of topics already built in and you can add even more.

POD Treasure Maps - Reg. $17.95
Discover How You Too Can Dominate Etsy Search Rankings to Sell More of Your Print on Demand Products.

Sales Page/More info:

Public Domain Printshop - Reg. $17.95
Your guide to uncovering Public Domain content to use to make tons of digital and print products for free. You're about to discover how to create how-to courses, ebooks, mugs, tee shirts, downloadable digital products and more using free media that's in the public domain.

Sales Page/More info:

My Special Dictation Tool
Get access to this simple but very effective way to rewrite content that helps you write better content faster. Perfect for rewriting PLR.

Tuelz Custom Software + Content Manipulation Training:

Important Disclaimer: I can't guarantee Tuelz will work on your system.
Tuelz are my own WINDOWS text manipulation and content multiplying software. I created Tuelz about 15 years ago so I can't promise you they all will work on your WIN machine. There are a few Tuelz that won't work for various reasons, but they aren't needed for what we'll use them for. They have worked on all of my PCs I've used over time.

You'll learn my unique methods for multiplying and "spinning" content. Even though these methods and software are over 15 years old, they are still more potent than any other content "spinning" methods offered today.

Tuelz isn't about taking an article and spinning it into 50 versions of the same article. It's about taking "chunks" of content from various sources like PLR or your own content, mixing, matching and "dedooping" them to create 100s or even 1000s of articles that offer quality content.

If done correctly, this method will take you a full afternoon and is NOT a quick solution. However, after a few hours you'll have enough content to fill scores of Web 2.0 and Parasites with legit, quality content for powerful link building.
See the first post below to download a few basic Tuelz to test them on your syste.
Please no refunds as Tuelz are just a part of this VIP membership.

Plus, you're also getting access to the private Kings and Queens of Content and Product Creation forum.

Private Membership Forum Topics:

✔️  A possible POD Goldmine. I discovered this resource by accident and now I have all sorts of stuff I can legally use to create piles of print on demand products like tee shirts, mugs and more. It isn't easy finding graphics that give you permission to use on printable products.

Content templates - Links to heaps of free templates, including:
  • Articles Templates
  • Kindle Books Templates
  • Press Releases Templates
  • Sales Letters Templates
  • Landing Pages Templates
  • ...and more.

✔️  Why domain names are great for creating products

✔️  Finding free GPL apps and scripts that you can sell as your own products

✔️  GIFs are content too -

✔️  Hobbies, Collectibles and Activity Niche Ideas - A huge list of niches people love to spend money on.

✔️  How To Write an Honest Review About Something You’ve Never Bought?

✔️  How to Increase Facebook Engagement with Humor and Cool Stuff

✔️  How to sell content on Amazon and eBay

✔️  Ideas for adding value and standing out from the competition

✔️  Ideas for creating products for memberships using Public Domain content

✔️  Ideas for different types of content - Creating content isn't only about writing articles. Here's a big list of over 75 different types of content you can make.

✔️  Big List of Parasite Sites - Parasites are web sites that Google tends to rank highly AND you can create an account with to post your content and get links.

✔️  Lots of Web 2.0 sites - Similar to Parasites, but without the authority, these are free sites for your content.

✔️  Quizzes are content too

✔️  Real vs Perceived Value and Product Creation

✔️  Social/Facebook Branding with Custom Animated GIFs - Here's a cheezy but easy and effective method I use to brand myself on social media.

✔️  Spreading your content using syndication and IFTTT - Explode your reach on the Net using IFTTT to spread your content on auto-pilot.

✔️  Tent Poling and the Backwards Press Release - Why most press release advice is "backwards".

✔️  Twitter Research and Traffic Tip - An easy and effective way for you to research content, as well as engage and drive traffic.

✔️  Using content and expired domains and Web 2.0s to expand your reach across the web

✔️  What do you think of this use for AI content creators? - This is a really effective way to create an outline of content no one is talking about.

And loads more great content and product creation tips, tricks and secrets!

Join us now.

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  Resources for spotting trends
Posted by: Kurt - 04-15-2020, 05:08 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (2)

Here's a good, but not well known resource for finding trends. It's Facebook IG:

What do you use to find potential trends?

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  Amazon Associates Reduces Commissions April 21, 2020
Posted by: Jeffery - 04-15-2020, 05:04 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (5)

Today, Amazon announced it is reducing the Amazon Associates Commissions effective April 21, 2020.

Two sources:

Associates Program Standard Fees Schedule

Associates Operating Agreement – What’s Changed

In a nutshell, eight product categorie's commissions are reduced for a total of 25.5%

Amazon Fresh
Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products, Pantry
Headphones, Beauty, Musical Instruments, Business & Industrial Supplies
Outdoors, Tools
Health & Personal Care
Baby Products

Apparently the lsit of categories is product specific and future changes may be implimented.

Pheeds Related Threads

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  A mini rant against Google
Posted by: Kurt - 04-11-2020, 08:53 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - No Replies

I got an email from Google recently. Here's the paragraph I have an issue with:

Quote:Additionally, we want to reassure you that Google will continue to pay you according to our terms and conditions. You can read more about our payment cycles in the Help Center (Google AdMob, AdSense, Ad Manager).

So, they're making a promise to keep their obligation? How about they release everyone's money NO MATTER HOW SMALL instead of only paying out when someone has earned $100 or more? Maybe make the minimum $5 instead of $100 so people can get the money they earned?

I've commented on this in the past about wondering how much money owed to affilaites of all kinds that isn't paid because they haven't reached a certain threshold.  Google isn't a big deal to me in this situation, but I have promoted other affiliate programs and earned something like $42 and the minumum to be paid is $50. Google should pay EVERYONE what they owe in these times, not spin how they are going to keep their legal responsibility and that $27.58 may be a big deal to a lot of people even if it isn't to Google.

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  What things in nature amaze you?
Posted by: Kurt - 04-11-2020, 06:59 PM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (22)

Spiders being able to weave webs amazes me. Their brains are so small yet they have the insticts to weave a web with no training. And every web is different because the surroundings are different.

Also...have you seen the honey bee waggle dance? Bees use the waggle dance to tell others in the hive where they can find the best sources of pollen and nectar.

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  Ebook to Speech aka Text to Voice
Posted by: Jeffery - 04-10-2020, 07:37 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (1)

Many Internet Marketers sell eBooks as we all know. There are tons of ebooks available as we all know. Some are better than others as we all know. Some are so good that many of us can't wait to get our hands on them as well know. Unfortunately, eBooks sales have been tapering off as we know. So, since we all know these things about eBooks.. what exactly sells an eBook in 2020 compared to 1999, 1998 etc.?

Enter "Ebook to Speech aka Text to Voice"

Ebook to Speech in form of audio is the "new" eBook? Surely nothing "new" to many old-school marketers?

Recently I read a thread on a popular Internet Marketung forum wherein someone asked how to sell their eBook. The original poster said they wrote the eBook, placed it for sale on their website and there were little to no sales. After a few questions I discovered the website actuallly had decent organic traffic as well as decent paid traffic. Digging in a little deeper the traffic was buyer traffic. And there was very little email subscribers. At first glance the website had all the makings of a website that should be converting.

Now, this same thread received all kinds of suggestions from different people with good intentions. Many of those suggestions were people simply reguritating other people's comments. You know what I mean. The original poster was at a loss as to what to do to increase conversions. It appeared that the thread would eventually become one of those threads that lingered and would become full of S P A M M E R S.

So, I sorta kinda stepped in and asked the original poster if I could see the website and make a suggestion or two if warrented. No promises of anything except that I promised to treat the original poster and his business as I would like to be treated myself. The original poster agreed and shared the links to his website and the eBook.

To be honest, the website was a very good site and the eBook was also very good.

I conveyed to the original poster I could make two suggestions that I knew would convert. All I asked is the original poster try my suggestions for two weeks and then report back to the forum the results.

First, I explained the eBook was marketed to the right demgraphic. Alas, the media for todays demographic simply is video and audio instead of the written word. If anything the written word is best kept short and sweet (you know what I mean) and best reserved for the salescopy. Seriously, nothing new to people experienced with actually making sales from their works.

After transcribing the eBook (text) to speech (audio) and offering both the eBook (pdf) and audio (mp3) the conversion was substantial. So much so that it made the eBook a success in it's niche.

One of the great things about text to audio is there are many ways to create additional content for websites as a whole and increase converisons of new works, old works (think PLR) and even future works! Yes future works. W eall know about building suspense and all thet.

During the transition from a lone eBook to eBook and Audio there are a few tools that are needed to make it happen. Here is a site that we used that is cheap enough to get an idea of how easy this can be. Also, you can upload a short PDF (suggest an excerpt from a eBook) free and get that idea:


Also, Kurt spoke to this method here:
Amazon Polly: Text to Speech

Struggling to make that first sale, struggling to increase conversions, struggling to create new content forr your websits, struggling to do it all on the cheap? Not anymore. Idea


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  Sneaky domain name hack
Posted by: Kurt - 04-05-2020, 08:07 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (1)

Here's a little "gray hat" trick I use.

Get a domain name similar to this: com-special.info

Note the com- at the beginning of the domain name and it's a .info extension.

com-specials most likely isn't available, but brainstorm words you can use in place of "special".

Using Namecheap or other register service (or Cpanel) add a subdomain redirect to it such as:

And the domain will appear as:

It makes the domain look like it is:

You can use any keywords as the "sub domain" and it will look relevant. Just try to come up with a good generic word to use with com- at the begining.

Some examples:

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  Social Media Research Library
Posted by: Kurt - 04-05-2020, 07:28 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - No Replies

This is a really useful site with plenty of good resources...

"Social Media Research Library - The top resource for free Social Media research, white papers, reports, case studies, magazines, and eBooks."

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  Pheeds Video VIP Downloads
Posted by: Kurt - 04-05-2020, 02:17 AM - Forum: The Pharmers Market - Replies (2)

Video VIP Membership and Downloads - One time payment, no monthly charges.

Here's just some of what you're getting:

Exclusive Membership to the private Video for Marketing Forum

Here's a few topics in your membership forum:
  • Segment Clicks To Dramatically Improve Results
  • List of Local Business/Services and Biggest Cities in US
  • The “Almost Like Magic” Amazon Review Trick for Making Sales Videos
  • How to Make Videos from Static Images
  • As a DIY video maker, I love this commercial.
  • Cool and Quick YouTube Tricks
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Build Your Own Youtube-like Site with Free Video Sharing Scripts
  • Tons and tons of ideas for Youtube videos
  • Possible Youtube Ranking Factor?
  • Lesson: Search and discovery on YouTube
  • Quick Copywriting Tips for Creating Videos.
  • My Recommended Cheap Video Tools for Folks on a Budget
  • Cheap Celebrity Shout Outs
  • Best Free Video Editors
  • Free Stock Video Resources

Plus you're getting all these products and downloads too:

91 Spokes People Videos    - Reg. price $12.98

A BIG collection of video sales letters for 89 different niches. Plus there's two "generic" videos that you can use for virtually any and all niches. And all 91 video sales letters are recorded by a variety of professional spokespeople.

Sales page/more info:

Avatar Pro "Streamlined" Version - Reg. price $5

275 animated characters for a variety of niches

Sales page/more info:

Blackboard Jungle Whiteboard Video Image Collection - Reg. price $22

Make "chalkboard" videos that look they were hand drawn with chalk on a blackboard with this image collection.

Sales page/more info:

Cartoon Hands and Feet - Only available here.

Here's some cartoon hands and feet for you. These are great to use with smiley faces and there's a bunch available for free and they could be used with a number of other clipart images to give them "life".

Emotion Folks - Reg. price $17.95

MASSIVE collection of still and animated images that will stir the emotions in your viewers, starting with Rick Stickman.

Sales page/more info:

Emotion Potion and The Video Gap Download - Reg. price $22.00

The perfect combination to create effective marketing videos that get results. Tons of the highest quality animated characters that display a range of emotions. Also includes The Video Gap, the fast, easy and effective system for writing video marketing videos that get results.

Sales page/more info:

Face To Face Animated Character Creation Kit - Reg. price $22

A big assortment of animated "face parts" you add to clipart to make static images come to life. Includes a gigantic collection of clipart ready to use with your Face To Face animations, or use your own clipart to create zillions of combinations of animated mascots and characters.

Sales page/more info:

Pics That Pop - Reg. price $22.00  

A one of a kind collection of images that will give your video and graphics projects more "pizazz".

Sales page/more info:

PowerPoint Animated Cartoon Backgrounds - Uber Collection - Reg. price $27.00

4 collections of customizable PowerPoint cartoon backgrounds can be used in tons and tons of niches.

Sales page/more info:

PowerPoint King Tuts 2 - Reg. price $16.95

The  purpose of King Tuts V2 is to help you create great-looking marketing videos using PowerPoint that will make you more money while saving you money and time.

Sales page/more info:

PowerPoint Paradise - Reg. price $17.95

A potent combo of PowerPoint tricks, tips and secrets for getting free images, mascots and characters, plus a unique collection of useful and interesting graphics to enhance your videos and increase engagement.


PowerPoint Power Slides Collection - Reg. price $9.00

A unique package of PowerPoint tips, slides and images.

Sales page/more info:

Stock Music + Idioms + Marketing Quickies - Reg. price $14.95

Music for your videos...the best stock music collection, plus over 75 video marketing quickies stock video clips as well as "Kurt's Marketing Idiom Collection" to help you make better marketing videos.

Sales page/more info:

Get Everything Above and More!

Hope to see you in the private Video for Marketing Forum soon!

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  How long have you had your present phone number and main email address?
Posted by: Kurt - 03-27-2020, 10:42 PM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (1)

I've had this phone number about 3 years. I've had the same "main" AOL email address for 24 years. Why AOL? When I first got online I was fairly migrant and wanted a service I could use anywhere I went, which pretty much ment AOL. I have told people through the years I will always have the same email (if I can) but can't promise my phone number won't change.

I know people make fun of AOL email addresses, but after 24+ years at least you know where to find me to make fun of me. Smile

The "gurus" say you should brand yourself with your email and they're not wrong. But one advantage of a third party domain name is if/when your hosting with your custom email goes down, so not only is your site down but so is your email so no one can contact you.

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