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VIP ACCESS →  Kings and Queens of Content VIP Access and Downloads
Kings and Queens of Content and Product Creation VIP Access - One time payment, no monthly charges.

Here's some of the stuff KQoC VIPs get:

King of Content 1 and 2 EXTREME version - Reg. $22.00
An amazing assortment of training and resources that takes your content creation and marketing to an entirely new level. King of Content 2 is your unique guide to creating a wide variety of profitable content as quickly and easily as possible.

Sales Page/More info:

POD Factory - Previously only offered for a short time to my email list for $20.
Exclusive training that reveals how to make 100s of print on demand products almost as quickly as you can make a single design. Plus, you'll discover a secret strategy that will save you a lot of time, labor and unneeded hassles when you list your POD products on sites like Etsy, Amazon and eBay.

No sales page. Never before available to the public.

Meme Machine - Reg. $14.95
You're getting over 550 high quality images perfect for making memes. Plus 129 Happy Birthday images. Posting birthday graphics is a great way to engage with people on social media.

Sales Page/More info:

Mighty Quote Kit - $12.95
Makes tons of unique video and static image "quote posters" to enhance your social media presence. Massive collection of video backgrounds, image backgrounds, speech bubbles, PowerPoint templates and quality quotes.

Everything you need to quickly create lots of interesting and engaging social quote posters. Also included is special PowerPoint training showing you how to make hundreds (or more) quote memes and video posters in just a few minutes. Add your URL to them all for easy branding.

Sales Page/More info:

RSS Riot Content Software
A custom RSS reader I've pre-stocked with a huge variety of constantly updating information from the best sources on the Net. Use RSS Riot for your own info and entertainment as well as using it for research and sharing on your social networks to increase your engagement. Tons of topics already built in and you can add even more.

PLUS YOU'RE GETTING RESALE AND GIVEAWY RIGHTS! RSS Riot is fast abd easy to customize for a wide variety of niches, health, investing, travel, pets and lots more.

POD Treasure Maps - Reg. $17.95
Discover How You Too Can Dominate Etsy Search Rankings to Sell More of Your Print on Demand Products.

Sales Page/More info:

Public Domain Printshop - Reg. $17.95
Your guide to uncovering Public Domain content to use to make tons of digital and print products for free. You're about to discover how to create how-to courses, ebooks, mugs, tee shirts, downloadable digital products and more using free media that's in the public domain.

Sales Page/More info:

My Special Dictation Tool
Get access to this simple but very effective way to rewrite content that helps you write better content faster. Perfect for rewriting PLR.

Tuelz Custom Software + Content Manipulation Training:
Important Disclaimer: I can't guarantee Tuelz will work on your system.
Tuelz are my own WINDOWS text manipulation and content multiplying software. I created Tuelz about 15 years ago so I can't promise you they all will work on your WIN machine. There are a few Tuelz that won't work for various reasons, but they aren't needed for what we'll use them for. They have worked on all of my PCs I've used over time.

You'll learn my unique methods for multiplying and "spinning" content. Even though these methods and software are over 15 years old, they are still more potent than any other content "spinning" methods offered today.

Tuelz isn't about taking an article and spinning it into 50 versions of the same article. It's about taking "chunks" of content from various sources like PLR or your own content, mixing, matching and "dedooping" them to create 100s or even 1000s of articles that offer quality content.

If done correctly, this method will take you a full afternoon and is NOT a quick solution. However, after a few hours you'll have enough content to fill scores of Web 2.0 and Parasites with legit, quality content for powerful link building.
See the first post below to download a few basic Tuelz to test them on your syste.
Please no refunds as Tuelz are just a part of this VIP membership.

Plus, you're also getting access to the private Kings and Queens of Content and Product Creation forum.

Private Membership Forum Topics:

✔️  A possible POD Goldmine. I discovered this resource by accident and now I have all sorts of stuff I can legally use to create piles of print on demand products like tee shirts, mugs and more. It isn't easy finding graphics that give you permission to use on printable products.

Content templates - Links to heaps of free templates, including:
  • Articles Templates
  • Kindle Books Templates
  • Press Releases Templates
  • Sales Letters Templates
  • Landing Pages Templates
  • ...and more.

✔️  Why domain names are great for creating products

✔️  Finding free GPL apps and scripts that you can sell as your own products

✔️  GIFs are content too -

✔️  Hobbies, Collectibles and Activity Niche Ideas - A huge list of niches people love to spend money on.

✔️  How To Write an Honest Review About Something You’ve Never Bought?

✔️  How to Increase Facebook Engagement with Humor and Cool Stuff

✔️  How to sell content on Amazon and eBay

✔️  Ideas for adding value and standing out from the competition

✔️  Ideas for creating products for memberships using Public Domain content

✔️  Ideas for different types of content - Creating content isn't only about writing articles. Here's a big list of over 75 different types of content you can make.

✔️  Big List of Parasite Sites - Parasites are web sites that Google tends to rank highly AND you can create an account with to post your content and get links.

✔️  Lots of Web 2.0 sites - Similar to Parasites, but without the authority, these are free sites for your content.

✔️  Quizzes are content too

✔️  Real vs Perceived Value and Product Creation

✔️  Social/Facebook Branding with Custom Animated GIFs - Here's a cheezy but easy and effective method I use to brand myself on social media.

✔️  Spreading your content using syndication and IFTTT - Explode your reach on the Net using IFTTT to spread your content on auto-pilot.

✔️  Tent Poling and the Backwards Press Release - Why most press release advice is "backwards".

✔️  Twitter Research and Traffic Tip - An easy and effective way for you to research content, as well as engage and drive traffic.

✔️  Using content and expired domains and Web 2.0s to expand your reach across the web

✔️  What do you think of this use for AI content creators? - This is a really effective way to create an outline of content no one is talking about.

And loads more great content and product creation tips, tricks and secrets!

Join us now.
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Download the Test Tuelz here:

Unzip them and then watch this 2 minute video to see how to start them:
If they open in your browser, you're all set to go.

You'll get access to more Tuelz modules and training on how to use them in the King of Content VIP membership forum. Just delete the TuelzTest folder and use your new downloads.

Even if you don't get access to the KOC VIP forum, you can still use Moniterz to check your sites, which you should do.

If you have a site or sites, the single most important thing you can do is to make sure they are actually up and people can reach them. You may also be surprised at how often your sites are down or very slow. Moniterz will watch them for you.

How to set up Moniterz:

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Just added some premium GPL themes and Geo plugins for Wordpress that I haven't offered anywhere else...You can use these for yourself, you clients, give them away, use to develop domain names for flipping and even sell them according to the GPL license. You just need to also include the same rights to those folks, like I am. Smile
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The Domain Royale Cookbook is now also included for free with your KandQ VIP membership. Read more about it here, but don't purchase on that page if you also want K&Q VIP access:
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