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Traffic and Camoflauge Pages Cheat Sheet
If you're looking for a simple, powerful and free strategy for traffic using content marketing, download my Traffic and Camouflage Pages Cheat Sheet. It's an Excel Workbook .xlxs file and will save you a bunch of time:

If you're new to Internet marketing or an old pro, these are the sites that have proven value for content marketing.

I've also added links to Youtube search results for marketing tips for each to make it fast and easy to learn about each one. This is free training worth more than most pay-for training. Pay attention to the etiquette for each site. Your goal is sustainability and longevity.

Use the cheat sheet to go through each resource and enter the info for your accounts to easily organize all your account info.

Here's the list of included sites along with their main benefit:

Quora - Sends traffic directly.
Reddit - Sends traffic directly. - Sends traffic directly.
Medium - Good authority site to rank in Google. Also a good camo page.
LiveJournal - Camo page and has a strong social element. - Their site, not hosted on your own. Camo page and has a strong social element.
LinkedIn Groups - Sends traffic directly and has a strong social element.
Tumblr - Camo page and has a strong social element.
Google Sites - SEO, indexing and camo pages. Since Google owns it you have a better chance of Google spidering and indexing content and links. - SEO, indexing and camo pages. Since Google owns it you have a better chance of Google spidering and indexing content and links.
Weebly - Camo pages
Wix - Camo pages

Camouflage/Camo pages are pages you use when you don't want others to know it's a page you own. These can be used in both ethical and non-ethical ways. I use them to post a link to them on a site like Quora or Reddit. Some may think this is a little gray hat.

My opinion is whether the page is helpful and interesting for the visitors and the quality and targeting of the content is what matters most. The other members of these sites can often be ruthless to even those with good, helpful intentions. IMO, let them judge the content, not the poster. And the better the content is you link to, whether it's yours or not, the better off you'll be.

You can also use the Camo sites as quality free sites for various niches and secondary sites. If you're joining the modern world and using an AI content helper, you will probably have lots of quality content left over from generating multiple versions. Post your extra content on these sites using slightly different keyword optimization.

Sites like Tumblr, LiveJournal and actually have internal social abilities that are under-used. Content marketers can gain followers on these sites to increase your reach.

These sites have all PROVEN to send traffic. If you can't get traffic from these sites as a content marketer, then either you are in the wrong niche or you are doing something wrong.

Get the ULTIMATE Traffic Cheat Sheet: Pheeds Xtreme Spreadsheet
There are plenty of other proven traffic sources, like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok. Many of these sites can be used to automatically syndicate your content across a vast "frontier" of your assets and accounts on autopilot.

The Frontier Social Network Automation VIP Forum includes the Pheeds Xtreme Spreadsheet, which has all sorts of traffic resources, including tons of "parasite sites", the best sites for automation and a lot more. Just "fill up" the sheets for a potent marketing plan.

The best thing about The Frontier is it lets you pick and choose the very best and freshest content to share across your social networks.

But there's so much more. And you get Frontier VIP access PLUS a hugely expanded marketing cheat sheet for only $37.
Find out more about The Frontier VIP here.

It gets even better.

Get Pheeds VIP Total Access, which includes The Frontier PLUS all the other exclusive VIP forums, including the Kings and Queens of Content VIP. You'll discover all sorts of unique ways to create content and develop your own products. There's also the Video for Marketing VIP, the Pheeds Leads Xtreme and even more.

Get Pheeds Total VIP Access Here
Enjoy Generous Commissions up to 60%, find ready-to-use swipe files and more with
The Pheeds Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club affiliate program.

Click here to your affiliate link and get started now.

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