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Question Form submission: Help Pheeds Help You Form
Posted by: fionadarocha - 07-02-2020, 09:03 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (9)

Question and Info: Hi! I have been an IMer for 4 years now, learning the ropes - what groups to join, how to give value, communicating, being involved and trying to set up my business. My husband first got me into IM and I was so sceptical, but I am now seeing what can be achieved and it blows my mind!

Experience: I worked in travel, then having had three children I settled down to working in Infant and Primary schools and went to University to learn how to help Children with Special Needs more effectively. Two Degrees later and 10 years in Education, I left worn out and needing to help family members suffering from cancer and elderly. Now, I am concentrating on helping my husband get out of working in Healthcare, as a consultant, and building up a business for our future.

Your Assets: I am an author, looking to publish a book for children, that I had written some time ago and want to publish this year. My husband and I have just created our websites to promote our Digital Agencies - one selling software to gain leads and the other to offer Ad, video and social media services. I have my own website where I want to promote my Freelance services (video and website creation) and of course the site for the character of my book!

Your Marketing History: I am just starting out and have tried E-commerce with Shopify when it first launched and it flopped. 'Failures' only occur when you give up and stop doing what you are determined to see success in...WOW! That is now my new mantra! So I am determined to continue along the path that I have outlined above until I see success.

Budget - Startup: Right now my budget is minimal and changes according to the success I have because everything is put back into my business

Budget - Ongoing Monthly: Would really prefer not to divulge that info.

I understand I'm making a public post with this info.: I understand I

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  Becoming the "Expert"
Posted by: 10x - 07-01-2020, 04:40 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (5)

No one wants to buy from people that are guessing or otherwise don't know what they are talking about. People that make it big, in all areas of business and life, typically are known for their expertise. That doesn't mean they know everything but it means that they are perceived as someone with the qualities and knowledge that can provide helpful and valuable products or services.

One key, in building our perceived expertise, is that almost all of the "gurus" are prolific. They many books, courses, software programs, workshops, etc. Think of someone like Mike Filsaime--putting out stuff for 15-20 years pretty much non-stop. But look outside the IM arena and look at Microsoft or Dr. Phil or Oprah. They put out a bunch of stuff. To the average person, anyone who puts out book after book after book MUST be smart even if the quality sucks. 

Another is that they seem to be everywhere. Gary V, for example, is on all the social media platforms many times a day, email, blog, speeches, podcasts, etc. etc. Gary is at least partially known as the go to guy simply because he is everywhere. 

Of course there are gurus types that are just the opposite such as the creator of the Warrior Forum. No one, that i know of, every met him in person. Some of us had email conversations but that was it. He didn't post his pic everywhere and wasn't on all the social media (of his day). But he's an exception. Most people who make it big follow both keys above.

What would you add?

Do you agree with this post? If not, convince me I'm wrong!

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  SEO Help
Posted by: 10x - 07-01-2020, 02:17 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (12)

There are so many lies, theories, guesses, fake gurus, etc. in the SEO arena that any sane person wouldn't be in that state for long if they tried to make sense of it all.

What are your best SEO tips?

What can you do if you don't want to go out backlink hunting? Or making comments or any of the typical backlink building activities.

If a person could only do 3 SEO related tasks, what would be the 3 highest potential ROI tasks that won't get you in trouble?

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  Free website for a year from Yahoo Business
Posted by: Kurt - 06-30-2020, 09:52 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - No Replies

This looks like a great opportunity for both small businesses as well as a service to offer them.


Quote:During this time of uncertainty we’re helping businesses get online with a FREE Website, Domain and 5 Emails for a year*Website BuilderChoose from 150+ templates to build a modern professional website.[Image: domain_search.svg]Domain NameFind a personalized domain name that matches your business.[Image: mail.svg]5 Business Email AddressGet custom email for your business. Comes with 1 TB of storage and a mobile app.[Image: domain.svg]Private Domain RegistrationProtect your privacy, prevent unwanted solicitation, and stay in control.[Image: business_canvas.svg]Business Plan CreatorPlan your objectives and strategies needed for achieving them.[Image: location_reports.svg]Localworks ReportSee how your business appears online in 70+ search engines and local directories.[Image: consultation.svg]Consultation TimeTalk to a business expert from our small business team.[Image: resources.svg]Resource CenterLearn from our rich library of how-to and educational articles.[Image: customer_service.svg]24/7 SupportNeed help? Contact us anytime.

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  Biggest Mistake?
Posted by: Inixtyre - 06-30-2020, 05:45 PM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (7)

What do you think is your biggest mistake you made with your business? Mine was becoming a partner with a relative and I ignored the advice to never do business with friends or family.

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  Launch vs. Evergreen Product?
Posted by: 10x - 06-27-2020, 02:08 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (9)

What are some of the pros and cons of a launch with a definite open/close cart time vs. having a product that is always available?

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  Instagram expanding their sales platform to include "creators".
Posted by: Kurt - 06-26-2020, 05:32 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (1)

This is interesting and something to keep an eye on. I wonder what types of products they accept from creators? Is it like Etsy where you can sell POD tees and mugs? If so, will any of the POD sites integrate with them? Also, this could be a good opportunity for someone to create a "how to" guide for an IM product.

Quote:Today, we’re announcing new Commerce Eligibility Requirements that expand access to Instagram Shopping to more types of businesses, including creators, so they can connect with shoppers and sell their merchandise on Instagram.


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  Vidyoze video software
Posted by: thorton - 06-25-2020, 03:22 AM - Forum: The Pharmers Market - No Replies

I like Vidyoze so I thought I would use my chips and post my link.

I didn't make this video but it shows how to use Vidyoze and is't just a sales video.


https://eed0comaxf-7bzalnbkqxltxej.hop.clickbank.net/ AFF link

This offer has not be reviewed by anyone at Pheeds
and does not reflect Kurt's or anyone else at Pheeds' opinion.

You agree to resolve any issues between yourselves, the buyer and seller,
and not get the other members of Pheeds involved in any way.

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  What temp do you like?
Posted by: Kurt - 06-23-2020, 05:34 PM - Forum: Water Trough - Off Topic - Replies (2)

What outdoor temp do you like? I like it cooler than most and think 55-60 f is about perfect. I like wearing a light jacket and 55-60 is just right if you are being active outside.

My favorite season depends on where I'm living. Here in the Colorado mountains I love this time of year, which is Spring. Everything is green and colorful with the highest mountains still having snow caps. When I lived in Las Vegas it was October. The weather was good and LV isn't crowded but not dead either. When I lived in SoCal the season didn't matter. Wink

I prefer 0 f com,pared to 100 f, but I hate snow. You don't have to shovel heat.

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  The Enduring Enigma of Costco's $1.50 Hot Dog and Soda Combo
Posted by: Jeffery - 06-21-2020, 10:54 AM - Forum: Cash Cow Marketing - Replies (3)

The Enduring Enigma of Costco's $1.50 Hot Dog and Soda Combo
Mental Floss Jake Rossen

The price hasn't changed in nearly 35 years. What kind of
sorcery is this?


When Costco president W. Craig Jelinek once complained to
Costco co-founder and former CEO Jim Sinegal that their
monolithic warehouse business was losing money on their
famously cheap $1.50 hot dog and soda package, Sinegal
listened, nodded, and then did his best to make his take on the
situation perfectly clear.

"If you raise [the price of] the effing hot dog, I will kill
you," Sinegal said. "Figure it out."

~ ~ ~

The articles goes on to explain how Costco set in stone "value, good will, foot traffic," as well as how Cosco survived changing times.

The takeaway:

Create an online membership product wherein the price never increases and will create virtual foot traffic aka access to related products? Me thinks so.

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