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You won't find these keyword, AI content writing, Quora & Traffic tips anywhere else
If you're hungry for content, traffic and ranking, here's four reports I created for you for free called "Pheed Me All Four Courses". There's zero fluff and all 4 include a variety of simple, actionable methods.

But there's one catch. You have to sign up for a free trial account at ScaleNut using my link.

There's no BS or hassles. You don't need a credit card, and you won't be billed if you don't cancel. After your 7-day free trial, you'll just be given a free account with fewer features and quotas that are still very useful.

Your "Pheed Me All Four Courses" include these valuable reports:

The Pheed Me Reviews Report
There's a type of content that Google loves called "deep reviews" where multiple products and services are reviewed and compared. You see these pages all the time in the search results like "10 best this" and "5 best that" review pages.

The thing is, this is exactly the kind of content that AI really good at.

I made a video for you that's included in Pheed Me Reviews that takes you step-by-step and shows you how easy and effective it is to create deep review pages using the AI assistant ScaleNut.

The video is less than 8 minutes long and you'll know just about all you need to know to start creating deep review pages right away. If you're in a hurry, play it at 2x speed and in less than 4 minutes you'll see the potential.

The Pheed Me Reviews report also has tons of resources and tips to make your deep review pages even better.

Think about this...even if you don't use AI to create content, your competitors either are or will very soon.

The Pheed Me Keywords Report
If you don't have success using these methods to find easy keywords to rank for, you have other issues. Seriously.

I started SEO in 1996. Few people have done keyword research longer than I have. Pheed Me Keywords contains my "cloak-and-dagger" keyword methods that are simple, easy, and extremely effective at finding low competition keywords.

You can do everything with free tools, although some paid tools will give you some additional benefits.

The Pheed Me Keywords Methods
  • The Fish in a Barrel Method - There's NO better way to find low competition keywords.
  • The Neighborhood Watch Method
  • The Vocab Method
  • The Missing Keywords Method
  • The "Let the Keywords Pick You" Method

  • Kurt's BIG List of Niche Finder Keywords (A MASSIVE list of "feed" keywords)
  • Clusters Last Stand

The Pheed Me Quora Report
Posting good and useful answers to the questions that get the most targeted views is the best way to get traffic from Quora. Why waste your time creating content no one will see when it's so simple to discover what Quora pages will give your content the most readers. This is a totally free method that only requires you to have a Quora account. You'll see the benefit of this method is even more significant if you use an AI aid like ScaleNut.

The Pheed Me Traffic Report
This is a Google Alerts system with a twist. The key is to set up email notifications to let you know when there's new content on the Web that you can reply to. Most folks use Google Alerts to notify them of new content and news. Pheed Me Traffic notifies you when you can reply to that content with your own messaging.

I've sold Pheed Me Traffic as a stand-alone product. I may sell the other 3 reports sometime in the near future.

But for now, you can get all 4 reports as a free bonus for signing up for a free ScaleNut account using my affiliate link.

Try it. You may like it. Your competition probably will, are you ready?

How to Get Your Pheed Me 4 Courses Reports for FREE:

1. Sign up: - Use my aff link to get the bonuses.

2. Email me with the email you used to sign up with and I'll send you the download link to all four reports.Kurt
You should be able to figure out where to put the @ sign. Smile

Or use the Pheeds PM feature.

Upgrade and Get Even More

If you decide to upgrade to a paid account, give me the email address you used to upgrade and get:

The Individual Plan and also get:
Fast and Furious Pages

The Growth Plan and also get:
Fast and Furious Pages
Plus Kings and Queens of Content VIP forum access
-  Kings and Queens more info

The Pro Plan and also get:
Fast and Furious Pages
Plus Kings and Queens of Content VIP forum access
Plus Pheeds VIP total access
- VIP Total Access more info

Here's a Recap of some of the stuff you're getting:
  • SEO AI Content Helper
  • Keyword tools and secrets
  • A wide variety of alternative content ideas
  • Easy digital products
  • Video marketing assets, tips and downloads.
  • Plenty of PowerPoint stuff
  • The Pheed Me Reviews Report
  • The Pheed Me Keywords Report
  • The Pheed Me Quora Report
  • The Pheed Me Traffic Report - Use my aff link to get the bonuses.
Enjoy Generous Commissions up to 60%, find ready-to-use swipe files and more with
The Pheeds Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club affiliate program.

Click here to your affiliate link and get started now.

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