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A really great tool for creating content for repurposing - Kurt - 06-05-2022

I recently posted about this on another thread but have been playing around with it some more and think it deserves a thread (or more) of its own.

First, I started making my own content creation tools more than 20 years ago and content creation is something I've paid attention to even longer.

The tools available today to help you create good, quality content amaze me. The ability of AI content helpers to help create written content is transforming the way we write.

On that other thread, I also talked about ClipChamp, a free program that does an excellent job with text to speech, as well as being a pretty cool video editor for marketers:
A couple of free content tools

But for this thread, let's talk about ScribeHow:

What it does is automates the creation of "how to's" and turns them into PDFs. You just turn it on and every time you click or scroll it takes a screen shot records the action for you. I've created a lot of "how to's" and ScribeHow probably makes it 75% easier.

For marketing, this means anything that can be done online can be easily be made into a HowTo.pdf and a PDF gives you additional assets you can sell, trade and use for incentives and bonuses.

You can also submit pdfs to pdf directories like and Issuu, giving you more reach.

With the free version of ScribeHow it's easy to convert PDFs to images to import into your favorite video editing program. Note that you should still respect their branding and footers on the images when using the free version. It's your content that matters.

ScribeHow Pro is only $29 a month and it's the kind of program I recommend "bingeing" with. Use the free version to learn it. It won't take long. Then do research for topics including keyword research and finding things people need help with on forums, Reddit, FB, etc. Then spend your month cranking out as many How To's as you can, based on your research.

If you're bingeing, the reason to go Pro is really for just two things. You won't care about Engagement insights, since you won't be tracking them after 30 days. We're really only concerned with:
  • advanced edit and branding
  • Export as HTML.
You can do these things without the Pro, but if you are actually using it, the time you'll save is more than worth the $29. Plus, ScribeHow deserves the $29 if you use it as you should.

When you export it as HTML, you have the foundation of a "pillar page". Now add AI assisted content and you not only have a quality web page filled with helpful content, you also have a PDF "quick start" you can use as a bonus, incentive, etc.

RE: A really great tool for creating content for repurposing - Kurt - 06-05-2022

Just from the tools I mentioned above, we can repurpose content in all these ways:
  • ScribeHow - PDF directories like Issuu. Email incentives, bonuses, your own products, etc.
    • Export as HTML - Keyword and link friendly web pages
    • Export as HTML - Use images and text in videos and slide decks.
  • PowerPoint - Import images from HTML export to create Slide Decks - and videos for Youtube.
  • Use ClipChamp to convert text to audio for videos for Youtube and podcasts
  • Use AI content helpers like Rytr and ScaleNut (my affiliate links) to create and expand content for all the above.
These are really inexpensive tools that will let you be massively productive. Both Rytr and ScribeHow are $29 a month, offer "unlimited" use and can be cancelled any time. ScaleNut has great deals on yearly subscriptions. PowerPoint is part of Office, so it comes with Word and Excel, and is only $6.95 a month. ClipChamp is free and with a $9 a month plan that can be easily cancelled.

What "tool stack" for content marketing do you think gives more bang for the buck than these?

RE: A really great tool for creating content for repurposing - Kurt - 06-08-2022

Think about how you can identify people that are interested in things you sell but aren't searching directly for them. For example, let's say you create a "how to create a new list in Getresponse". Many people would create the how to, and add a GetResponse affiliate link to the page.

The problem is, the people needing help creating a new list probably already have a Getresponse account and won't sign up for one. can also be pretty sure they are interested in things that will help them make money online.

You could create a "how to add a header to WordPress"...or "how to add a header to WooCommerce". These are two totally different groups of people after pretty much the same thing. Notice the difference?

This is just an example but people interested in GetResponse and WooCommerce would also be interested in something like hosting. Hosting related keywords are expensive and competitive, because hosting affiliate programs pay very well. And you may have better results selling hosting using something like WooCommerce "how to's" than hosting keywords. Your conversion rates won't be as high, but because of the increased traffic, you may well see a difference in the actual bottom line.

The free browser version of ScribeHow will "only" record what you can view in a browser window. However, if you can create simple web pages, you can put any messages or images you want. Smile

Also, there are a virtually unlimited number of potential online "how to's". Put a little thought into those that show the folks interested have commercial intent, and think about what other solutions you can offer them after you've helped them?

I've found it can be pretty easy to find the outline for ScribeHow by doing a search for things like:
keywords + how to
keywords + guide + steps
keywords + tutorial + steps