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Quick method for making quality videos people want to see using free AI tools
Here's a quick outline for creating YouTube videos.

Go to popular niche channels that use stock media like images and video.

Find their most viewed videos from the past 3-12 months. Check for videos that have a good view to subscriber ratio. In other words, you should prefer videos that have a lot more views than the channel has subscribers. This is a good indication the video is getting views in ways other than channel subscribers.

Optimize to be relevant to these videos, not for the typical YouTube search. What keywords are used often in the titles of these videos? Copy the tags of the most viewed relevant videos using the Incognito mode of your browser to filter out any personal YouTube recommendations for you.  Make a list and sort the tags, looking for the duplicates, which means they are used by more than one video.

Copy YouTube video transcript - desktop only.

Remove time stamps:

Use Transcript for Research to Create Original Outline, Keywords and Facts

Feed Outline Details to Rytr or ScaleNut - Both have free trials and free versions. And both will help pump out quality scripts for videos. These are my affilaite links...thanks.

Don't forget to send my your email address to get your bonuses:

Use ClipChamp for Text to Speech - ClipChamp is a video editing service with a free account level that Microsoft bought in 2021 with plans to include in WIN 11.  The online version is pretty cool. The free version only exports videos at 480, which is all you need for the text to speech AI.

Since it's Microsoft, some of the text to speech AI voices are actually really good. Especially for free. It seems that the American English voices will raise the tone at the end of a sentence if a ? is used but the UK English doesn't see to change for a question mark.

The paid memberships start at $9 a month and look interesting.

ClipChampText to Speech - Step by Step Quick Start PDF - Here's a quick "how to" I put together for you.

Quick Tips to Fine Tune the Text to Speech AI

Don't spend too much time making it perfect. Just quickly work on the worst parts.

Sometimes see if using an "n" instead of "and" works:
Ben and Jerry
Ben n Jerry

Sometimes if a word sounds robotic, try combining it with another word.
big dog

Try spelling it as it may sound:

Try Hyphens with Numbers.
1917 - AI may pronounce as it as 19 HUNDRED AND 17

To have it say "1917", try:
19 17

See how each of these affects the output:
 (line break)
, (comma)
. (period)
? (question mark)
! (exclamation mark)

Quick Tips for Video Stock Media:
  1. Start with  an inventory of video clips you can use. There tends not to be as many avialable stock video clips as stock images, and they are the most expensive. But they are (obviously) the preferred media, so use as many stock videos as you can that make sense.
  2. Check for still images. There are a LOT more still images available than video clips. Add some basic motion effects like the Ken Burns effect to make them more visually interesting.
  3. Use kinetic(animated) text and headlines. If there isn't any stock video or images that will work for you, add some kinetic (animated) headlines. Every halfway decent video editing software has some kind of ability to animated text and titles. Be gentle and don't over-do the animations. But adding movement and styling to text is an option that can pretty much always be used to fill in the gaps in videos while being able to hold interest.

With a little research into videos and content, plus the use of AI for content and turning that content into voice overs, you can make good videos that people have recently shown interest in.

Anyone with just a hint of motivation, and basic video/YouTube skills, could totally master this system in an afternoon.
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