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How to make money aswering questions... - Kurt - 07-09-2021

This video shows you how to make money answering questions. Marcus over-hypes the numbers, as no one gets 100% of search volume to click to their site, and he says so after hyping the math, but this is a very solid strategy.

But you can take this a few steps further. The Pheeds Leads Xtreme shows you how to do this faster, cheaper and better. Check out the video below, then check out if there are still openings for the Pheeds Leads Xtreme:
Make Money Answering Questions ($921 Per Answer?)

RE: How to make money aswering questions... - Kurt - 07-10-2021

A note about something that never gets mentioned by the experts concerning affiliate networks found on sites like Offer Vault which is shown in the video above. The offers are often short-lived and seems like as soon as you add one to a page, you get an email saying the offer had ended.

Also, many of the offers gouge people. For example, supplements on Market Heath (are they still around) can pay you $50 and charge $60 on the first bottle, for example. But Amazon or eBay will have very similar products for $15. You only make a buck from Amazon, but you are giving people a much better deal without a lot of the marketing "continuity" BS.