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Making GIFs with PowerPoint
I just got a new PC. The old one was the same one I've used for almost 12 years old and I never updated to WIN 10 so I couldn't run the Create GIF feature in Powerpoint, which requires WIN 10  for that feature.

I absolutely love PPT for making animated GIFs! You can import multiple GIFs to export as a single one or convert videos and PPT animations. You can even import 3D objects, animate them and export as GIFs and there are a lot of 3D models available in the Public Domain.

Here's an example GIF made with PPT. This scene would usually be better as an MP4 video file as the GIF version at this smaller size is 35 megs, but it gives a good idea of the possibilities.

I used a cartoon school hallway background from Freepik (which increased the file size) along with a couple of stock 3D models of the dog and the plant that are included in the PPT 3D search. PPT also offers "scenes" for them, which are animations for the 3D objects. With literally just a couple of clicks, this is the results you can get.
[Image: giphy.gif]
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