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Take more chances with smaller bankrolls
In poker there's a concept I like about the smaller your bankroll the more risks you can take. On the other hand, the larger your bankroll the more conservative and protective you should be. This is because it's much harder to replace a large bankroll than a small one.

This applies well in online business too. The more time, money and effort you've put into something, the less you should expose it to risk.

Adopting this strategy actually opens a lot of potential. Let's say you have no plans of ever using Instagram and don't have an account and have spent zero time on it. If this is your attitude (and actually it's mine), what do you have to lose? Spend an afternoon learning the basics and hooking it up to some sort of automation. You should still use "best practices" to protect your long-term investment, but you should be more aggressive with a new social account than one you've invested years on.

There's some big traffic sources out there that you probably have no intentions of ever using. In these situations, you're really not risking much just keep your investments of time and money to a minimum, giving you have an excellent risk vs. gain situation.

If you're not going to use something, what do you have to lose by using it? Wink
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