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Affiliate options for maximizing your SEO
One of the cornerstones of good Pheeds SEO is to be able to make money from the keywords you select. If you've been around IM for a while, you're probably aware of many of the affiliate options below. IMO it's always a good idea just to browse the options every so often to come up with new ideas and possibilities.

If you're new, you really should dedicate some time to routinely check out these resources. You MUST know if there's revenue potential for you and how many options there are for any given keyword niche.

When brainstorming, think of what keywords you can use to match people with products and services that will help them that will also earn you a good commission and can easily rank for.

Don't pick keywords. Let your keywords pick you. Use these revenue options to BEGIN your keyword research, looking for the easiest keywords to rank for that have a bit of traffic and are relevant to things you can make money from.

The "ALL in One" Affiliate Sites - These affiliate programs let you sign up for an account and allow you to promote all their products and offers. Generally, these are the most versatile affiliate options, but your revenue may not be optimal. - The easiest for newbs to join, but can have low conversions.

Ebay Partner Network

Google Adsense



Sites like Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress usually deal with physical products with lower profit margins than digital goods and services. If using these programs try to think of keywords people may use to buy in bulk.

For example:
home bath towels
towels for motels

In this example, you would want to break down "towel" keywords even further in your research. But for this discussion, note that the "bath towels" keyword will likely create sales of 1-4 items while "towels for motels" could sell 100s of towels, also with a single order.

Major Affiliate Platforms - These sites are third-party affiliate management systems and work with multiple companies. You'll need an account with the platform, then you need to apply and be approved for each individual company's affiliate program.

Very generally speaking, software and digital services (like hosting) will pay the best. I suggest starting with them in your searches.

Mostly Internet Marketing Related - I put these in the "Major Platforms" because you will need to join the plarform, then apply for approval to each affiliate offer. One thing to note is many products are marketed as "launches" with "planned scarcity". What this means for affiliate marketers is that for these platforms an existing audience is usually needed, such as an relevant email list or good social following.

If you're using SEO, product launches can be less effective as by the time your pages rank the special launch deals will have ended. However, if you are using SEO you should also be building email lists.



CPA - Cost Per Action programs pay when you get someone to call a phone number, fill in their eamil address or download some software. They can pay very well, but have a few drawbacks:
They change often. As soon as you get an offer up, you get an email saying the campaign has ended.
You're not always giving your folks the best deals.
CPA platforms can be pretty picky when it comes to approving affiliates.

OfferVault isn't a CPA affiliate platform, instead it's a search engine for CPA platforms. Use it to find offers, then you'll need to be approved by the platform.

Here's the list of the PLATFORMS Offervault searches. Each platform has multiple offers. Sometimes the same company will pay better through one platform than another, so do your research.

Local Services Affiliate Programs
I haven't tried these, but I came across them when writing this post and they got me thinking a can they be used for local SEO? If you flip local business domains, putting an affiliate offer on the site until it sells could generate revenue as well as adding some leverage to potential buyers of the domain in the form of competition.

Angie's List

Bark Affiliate program

"Bark helps people all over the US find great local professionals for absolutely anything they want done. With over 1000 categories to choose from, we're the ideal destination for a wide range of affiliate traffic. We'll pay you up to $100 commission for every genuine Bark that gets a response from one or more of our pros."

Freelance/Gig Services
You can sell all sorts of affiliate services relating to tons of keywords.

Fiverr - Just go to Fiverr and think about all the different things you can sell. Then brainstorm and research keywords.

combines freelancing and job search site.

High quality design crowdsourcing marketplace

SEO Clerks

Wordpress Related Niches - WP is a HUGE market with many niches. They need themes, banners, headers and plugins.
Enjoy Generous Commissions up to 60%, find ready-to-use swipe files and more with
The Pheeds Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club affiliate program.

Click here to your affiliate link and get started now.

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