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Demo of PowerPoint morph transition to create the parallax effect
I was messing around with PowerPoint's Morph Transition to make vertical videos using the Parallax Effect. The Parallax Effect adds an interesting 3D effect to regular images, making them more interesting in your videos.

This 37 second video has 3 examples. The key for the parallax effect using PPT is having isolated images with transparent backgrounds that can be "morphed" individually.

Ex 1 - A background of space and an image of an astronaut.

Ex 2 - Background of forest plus an image of deer plus an image of an axe in a stump.

Ex 3 - Background of street scene plus image of woman in white hat with back turned plus image of older man with a beard.

In a PPT slide just add a background image then add one or more "isolated" images with transparent backgrounds.

Duplicate the slide.

Resize and move the images, including the background. Generally modify/change images in the foreground more than towards the back.

Add a Morph transition. I used a Duration of 11 seconds in the demos. Be sure to check the "After" box so the slides will transition without needing to click the mouse.

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