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The Kings and Queens of Content and Product Making Club offers a wide variety of resources sure to help virtually all marketers...including tons of content making strategies, advanced SEO from an expert with 27 years of experience, exclusive domain name buying secrets, extreme AI prompting tools for content and art, and lots and lots more.

Email Subject Lines:

From a Content and Product Creation Perspective:
How to Create Amazing Content and Products
The Ultimate Guide & Tools to AI Content Creation and Marketing
How to Use AI to Create Content and Products that People Love
How to Make Money with AI Content and Products
How to Leverage AI to Boost Your Content and Product Creation
How to Master AI Content Creation and Marketing the Best Way
How to Turn AI into Your Content and Product Creation Machine
How to Create Content and Products Faster, Easier and Cheaper with AI1
How to Tap into the Gold Rush of AI for Content and Products
The Secret Weapon of Content and Product Creation
The Future of Content and Product Creation is Here
How AI Can Transform Your Content and Product Creation Process
The Best Tools and Resources for AI Content and Product Creation
Don’t Miss This Amazing Offer for AI Content and Product Creation
Grab Your Spot Now for the Kings and Queens of Content Club
Join the Kings and Queens of Content Club Today (and Get a Special Bonus)
From an SEO and Domaining Perspective:
The Secrets of SEO and Domaining Revealed by a 27-Year Veteran
How to Find and Flip Valuable Domain Names with Simple Methods
How to Use AI to Create SEO-Friendly Content that Drives Traffic
How to Dominate Your Niches with the Best Content and Domain Strategies
How to Use the Versus Pages System to Create Deep Review Sites
How to Use the Exploratory Bet Strategy to Test Your Keywords Before Creating Content
How to Use Software to Find High Paying Affiliate Programs and Niches
How to Use the Domain Royale Cookbook to Find Potent Domain Names
How to Use the Pheed Keywords List to Start Your Niche and Keyword Research
How to Access the Best Tools and Resources for SEO and Domaining in One Place
The Best SEO and Domaining Training and Resources You'll Ever Find
The Most Innovative SEO and Domaining Methods Ever Revealed
Don't Miss This Chance to Learn SEO and Domaining from a Pro
Don't Let This Opportunity to Master SEO and Domaining Slip Away
Don't Wait Any Longer to Improve Your SEO Skills
New Method Discovers Valuable Domain Names in a Few Easy Steps
From an AI Art Perspective:
How to Use AI Art to Create Stunning Print-on-Demand Products
The Secret to Creating Unique Over 800 POD Products with AI Art
How to Stand Out in the Print-on-Demand Market with AI Art
How to Boost Your Sales with AI Art for Tees and Mugs
How to Grow Your Print-on-Demand Business with AI Art
How to Save Time and Money with AI Art for Your Print-on-Demand Products
How to Create Eye-Catching Designs for Tees and Mugs with AI Art
How to Attract More Customers with AI Art for Your Print-on-Demand Store
How to Increase Your Profit Margins with AI Art for Tees and Mugs
The Benefits of Using AI Art for Your Print-on-Demand Business
The Advantages of Leveraging AI Art for Your Tees and Mugs
The Value of Employing AI Art for Your Print-on-Demand Business
From a Public Domain Resources Perspective:
Unleash the Power of Public Domain Content for Your Business
How to Use Public Domain Content to Boost Your Marketing Efforts
The Secret Weapon of Successful Marketers: Public Domain Content
How to Save Time and Money with Public Domain Content
How to Create Unique Products with Public Domain Content
How to Stand Out in Your Niche with Public Domain Content
How to Build Your Brand with Public Domain Content
How to Grow Your Audience with Public Domain Content
How to Increase Your Sales with Public Domain Content
The Benefits of Using Public Domain Content for Your Business
The Advantages of Leveraging Public Domain Content for Marketing


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If "Content is King", then you're about to become royalty.

The Kings and Queens of Content and Product Creation VIP Club is all about empowering "do-it-yourself" business folks like you to craft exceptional content and products without breaking the bank or wasting your precious time and energy.

It's a treasure trove of resources, ideas, strategies, and tips that will supercharge your content and product creation game.

See for yourself here:

Empower Yourself with Your Products - Owning products gives you control and advantages:

✓ Instant Profit: No waiting for affiliate commissions; get your cash right away.

✓ Leverage Affiliates: Let others sell for you on platforms like JVZoo, Clickbank, and more.

✓ List Building: Use products as incentives to grow your email list.

✓ Trade and Barter: Exchange your products for services or goods.

✓ Contests and Awards: Boost your exposure using your products as prizes.

✓ Value Addition: Enhance affiliate offerings with exclusive product bonuses.

✓ Leverage Established Platforms: Sell on platforms like Etsy, eBay and Amazon.

Owning your very own products gives you total control, immediate income, and diverse opportunities.

Developing content and products isn't just about writing articles. You'll also discover tools, tricks, tips and techniques for creating:

** Animations ** Charts and Graphs ** Checklists ** Ebooks ** Email Newsletters ** GIFs ** Memes ** PDFs ** PowerPoint Slideshows ** Printables ** Product Reviews ** Quizzes and Polls ** Social Media Posts ** Software Tutorials ** Templates ** User-Generated Content ** Video Tutorials ** Videos ** Whitepapers **

The Kings and Queens VIP Club is much more than the best assortment of content and product creation resources anywhere. It also includes:

  • How to Really Do Marketing: Advanced Keyword Concepts That Have Worked Longer Than Google Has Even Existed...and Still Work.
  • Domain Names Can Be Instant Products: Get Kurt's Methods to Discover Valuable Domain Names in a Few Easy Steps
  • The "Exploratory Bet" - Rank Before You Create Content?
  • How to Find Extraordinary Opportunities with Software
  • Versus Pages System Quick Start
  • HUGE List of Hobbies, Collectibles and Activity Niche Ideas
  • The MEGA Library of Public Domain Resources and Money-Making Ideas
  • Exclusive AI Content Writing Methods That Are Simple and Effective.

Plus, your getting access and advanced tips for exploiting the 3 Pheeds "Silos":

1. The Content Silo Xtreme A.I. Version - Vast assortment of ChatGPT prompts specifically for content making and marketing.

2. The Prompt Silo POD Version - Easy "paint by numbers" system for using A.I. for artistic designs.

3. The SEO & Keyword Silo - Huge collection of the best FREE SEO tools all at your fingertips.

The Kings and Queens VIP Club gives you the tools and know-how to be a content creation super-star, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out.

So, whether you're looking to revamp your website, launch a killer product, or simply connect with your audience on a deeper level, the Kings and Queens of Content Club has your back. Get ready to unlock your creative potential, save time, and maximize your impact – all while keeping costs in check.

Let's make content creation your superpower!

Thanks and take care,


P.S. Click now to become a VIP member of the Kings and Queens of Content and products Club. Join the evolution before your competition does!

P.S.S. Even better, membership is a small, very reasonable one-time payment with NO ongoing subscription fees.



Here's an exceptional resource for all of you hands-on marketers. It's brimming with unique ideas, tools and strategies – everything you need for creating exciting content and products, mastering SEO, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and so much more.

Let's give you a sneak peek of the treasure trove you'll find here. Kurt has given the green light to share a quick, super-effective tip with you. Despite being straightforward and easy to implement, its impact is immensely powerful.

Google Bard is able to use URLs to pages as references. And who better to ask for advice on how to rank in Google SERPs that Google?

1. Go to Google Bard

Then use these prompts:

2. Please act as an SEO expert for ranking in Google. Analyze the following URL and give suggestions for improving this page for better ranking for more keywords. [URL]

...wait for the response and take note of the suggestions.

Then enter this prompt:

3. Please give me a list of LSI and theme related keywords with buyer intent for this page.

Note my use of "buyer intent". You can change if needed, but as marketers, have a good reason if you do. Then develop content using the keyword suggestions using Bard or your favorite Ai writing tool.

Again, this is just a very small fraction of what you'll discover in the Pheeds Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club.

Here's another example, this is the free public version of the "Content Silo" from

It's a little ugly, but extremely useful. But this is a great example of the kind of resources you'll soon uncover.

And I'll let you in on a secret. There is a much more powerful private A.I. version of the Content Silo, only available to members of the Kings ad Queens of Content Club. Not only does it have tons of A.I. prompts specifically for marketing and content making, there's also a exclusive group at Pheeds dedicated to using the A.I. Content Silo version and using A.I. for marketing.

There is too much more you're getting with your membership to the Kings and Queens of Content Club to include in a single email, you really need to check it out for yourself ASAP.

Improve, innovate and inspire with the Kings and Queens of Content Club! Click the link to start enjoying the advantages of advanced A.I technology and expert marketing resources. Make your move, secure your spot in our club and let's create something groundbreaking together. Your marketing revolution starts here!

Take care,


P.S. Your next level in marketing begins at Kings and Queens of Content Club. Click and join today.

Domain Names


If you do business online, one of the best investments you can make is acquiring valuable domain names. For a few dollars, a good domain name can:

  • Become an "instant product" you can immediately sell or rent
  • Increase brand trust
  • Distinguish your business from competitors
  • Boost SEO and make your website more discoverable
  • Memorable domain names help your business stand out

But the truth is, most domain names that haven't been developed into websites aren't worth the registration costs to own them.

Here's a really potent system that's included in your Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club called The Domain Royale Cookbook. And the combo of potent domains along with all of the content creation tips in the Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club, give you tremendous opportunities.

Get the inside scoop about the Kings and Queens of Content here:

Here's some of what your getting in the Domain Royale Cookbook:

✓ Instant Products - Domain names can be sold, traded, developed, or given away immediately after purchase

✓ Simple Recipes - With 16 easy click-and-drag recipes, finding valuable domain names becomes effortless.

✓ Unique Opportunities - Each recipe presents distinctive chances to identify domains with resale and investment potential.

✓ Low Investment, Low Risk - Domaining is a cost-effective and low-risk online opportunity, making it accessible to all levels of expertise.

✓ Ease of Mastery - Compared to other online marketing methods, domaining is quick to learn and requires minimal time, effort, and money.

✓ Uses Free Software - The method primarily uses free software (Windows), with the only investment being domain purchases (and optional hosting).

✓ Special Keyword Files - Kurt's 27+ years of experience in domaining and SEO keywords result in potent keyword lists for your domain hunting.

✓ Easy Domain Discovery - Quick Domaining Tips provide valuable insights into domain value, avoiding trademark violations, and optimizing domain sales.

✓ Versatile Use - Even if you don't intend to sell domains, this method helps you secure valuable domains for personal or business projects.

✓ Cost-Effective - Running the Domain Royale Method is free; you only pay for the exceptional domains you find.

✓ Versatility - Ideal for various marketing projects, maximizing PLR content, developing affiliate sites, or flipping domains for profit.

The Domain Royale Cookbook offers an easy to use approach to uncovering valuable domain names with minimal investment and risk, making it a versatile tool for online businesses and marketing projects.

And as a member of the Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club, you have access to tons of content making secrets and strategies to develop your domains into websites you can sell for even more money.

Thanks and take care,


P.S. Remember, the Domain Royale Cookbook is just a fraction of what you're getting. The Kings and Queens of Content Club is your ticket to marketing mastery. Click to start your journey!

Print on Demand


Artificial Intelligence art makers can be a total game-changer for folks who might not have Picasso-level artistic talent but are eager to dive into the Print-on-Demand (POD) business. POD offers a vast range of more than 800 products to choose from, including t-shirts, mugs, posters, phone cases, and more. This means you can cater to a broad audience and offer a range of products that suit different tastes and preferences.

But...creating POD products with your own origianl AI artwork is NOT just for business!

It also empowers you to become the ultimate gift-giver, being able to customize clothes, decorations, inviations, products and accessories for the special people (and pets!) in your life.

Gifts and party decorations mean so much more when you design them yourself.

Have kids? How about letting them design their own clothes, backpacks, room decorations and much more. I bet they'll love their one-of-a-kind products THEY DESIGNED a lot more than the typcial store bought stuff.

To help folks use AI art makers to their fullest potential, the Pheeds Prompt Silo is a free open-to-the-public prompt crafting tool, with the largest selection of prompts available for creating impressive A.I. generated art that you can legally sell and use for your POD business.

Check out the free, public version of the Prompt Silo here:

But, did you know with your Kings and Queens of Content Club membership you are also getting access to a special private POD version of the Prompt Silo?

Your special POD version has a step-by-step "paint by nummbers" system for creating original art designs specifically for print on demand products. It also gives you access to over 250 "one-click style buttons", coloring books and much more.

In addition to the personal satisfaction you'll get from using your AI art designs for yourself, POD can also be a great side-hustle or scaled to entire business operation.

Starting a print-on-demand (POD) business is low-risk and budget-friendly. Instead of paying for inventory before you make a sale, you can kick off with just a few designs. If something doesn't sell, no problem, you can easily remove it without losing money.

All you need to start is a computer, internet access, and the POD version of the Prompt Silo to help create your designs. Then upload them to a POD printing company, and list them on sites like Etsy and Redbubble. The printer handles the nitty-gritty–printing, packing, and shipping – and you only pay for production costs. It's a wallet-friendly way to start your venture without the worry of unsold stock.

✓ Infinite Creativity - Imagine having access to an endless well of creative designs, all at your fingertips. AI art generators can pump out unique and eye-catching designs. So, even if you're not a natural artist, you'll always have a fresh pool of creative content for your POD products.

✓ You don't need to be an artist to have a say in the creative process. With AI and the POD version of the Prompt Silo, you can customize designs to suit your target audience's interests. Just add a subject, click a few buttons, and watch the AI work its magic.

✓ Diverse Product Range - AI-generated art isn't a one-trick pony. It can be applied to a whole range of POD products, from clothing and home decor to accessories. This flexibility means you can tap into a bunch of different markets and cash flows.

✓ Super Scalable - As your POD business skyrockets, AI can keep up with the pace. It'll happily churn out more designs and products, so you can grow without worrying about creative bottlenecks.

✓ Keeping it Fresh - Design trends and customer preferences change faster than you can say "fashion-forward." AI lets you pivot and adapt with the times, producing designs that are right on the money.

✓ Your Artistic Touch - AI doesn't replace your human creativity; it complements it. You can always inject your unique ideas into AI-generated designs, ensuring your personal flair shines through.

✓ Easy Peasy - Don't fret if you're not a tech wizard. AI art user-friendly and accessible, so you can unleash your creative side without the headaches.

So, there you have it! AI-generated art is your ticket to the POD business world, offering consistency, customization, and endless possibilities, all while saving you time and money. It's like having your own creative assistant on speed dial, and it's a total win-win!

Thanks and take care,


PS. With your Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club, in addition to the special POD version of the Prompt Silo, you're getting so much more, including how to use AI to create your Etsy product descriptions, slogans, printables and more. See for yourself here:

Public Domain


Public domain content is a hidden treasure trove on the internet, offering you a wealth of resources that can be harnessed for both creative pursuits and entrepreneurial endeavors. It's like having access to a vast library of knowledge, media, and inspiration without the constraints of copyright.

From classic literature and vintage imagery to open-source software and historical blueprints, public domain content empowers you to create and profit in a variety of ways. Let's explore the endless possibilities it presents for those seeking to leverage it for personal or professional gain.

Your Kings and Queens of Content VIP membership includes the Public Domain Printshop’s "Library of Resources and Money-Making Ideas".

Here's just some of what you'll discover:

✓ Open Source Software: It's like having free software at your fingertips. You can use, customize, and even offer support or enhancements for open-source projects. There's potential for profit here, especially if you're tech-savvy.

✓ Public Domain Videos: Imagine having a massive library of videos you can freely use and make money from. You can get creative, use these videos in your projects, and even start a YouTube channel to earn some cash.

✓ Blueprints and Patents: These are gold mines for creators. You can sell prints based on the blueprints and patents of famous inventions and products.

✓ Books from the Public Domain: Think of it as having access to an extensive digital library filled with classics and historical texts. You can use this content to create ebooks, audiobooks, or educational materials and turn a profit. Just one about creating coloring books based on public domain books?

✓ Public Domain Audio: There's a treasure trove of audio recordings, music, and speeches just waiting for you. You can use them in your podcasts, music projects, or even create unique audio experiences that can generate extra income.

✓ Public Domain Games: Imagine classic game ideas and designs you can use to create your own games. You have the creative freedom to reimagine these timeless concepts and possibly make a nice profit. And using AI art creation tools, you can now design game boards, cards and more based on some of the most popular games.

Your Kings and Queens of Content VIP membership also includes access to the best AI art tips and tools anywhere to greatly expand the potential of your public domain assets.

Click here for more information about everything you're getting in addition to the Public Domain Library:

✓ Awesome Public Domain Images: Picture a diverse collection of high-quality images you can use without worrying about copyright. These can spice up your websites, marketing materials, or products and attract customers. There's plenty of Etsy shops making money from art in the public domain.

✓ Vintage Charm: If you're into vintage stuff, public domain vintage images are your treasure chest. They're perfect for reviving the past in your products or art, appealing to collectors and retro enthusiasts.

✓ High-Resolution Visuals: Want top-notch images for your projects? You've got access to high-resolution public domain images. These are excellent for professional work and catering to a discerning audience.

✓ Maps and Geography: Whether you're in a location-based business or just love maps, having access to geographical data and historical maps is a boon. Like blueprints and patents. vintage maps can make printable art you can sell for profit.

✓ Government Sources: Government-generated images and data are reliable and authoritative. You can tap into these resources for various projects, and there's often a market for products and services based on government content.

Using public domain content is like having a toolbox full of free, valuable resources you can use to fuel your creative projects and even make some money along the way. It's a win-win-win!

Thanks and take care,


PS. The Public Domain Printshop’s "Library of Resources and Money-Making Ideas" is just a tip of the iceberg of all the content creation, SEO and A.I. tips and strategies you're getting with your Kings and Queens of Content VIP membership. The sooner you join, the sooner you'll take your content and product creation to the next level and beyond. Click here to join now:

Artificial Intelligence


When it comes to using A.I.for marketing, there are few people as experienced as Kurt of the Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club is.

Not only has he taught using A.I. for content longer than most, he's also the developer of a couple exceptional A.I. tools that will help you get the most from A.I..

First, is the Content Silo. The free public version has handy links to heaps of valuable resources for creating content. You can check out the public version here, with no hassles:

But there's an even better, much more powerful version included with your Kings and Queens of Content membership: The Content Silo Xtreme A.I. version.

Get a glimpse of the potential of the Content Silo Xtreme A.I. version here:

This private and exclusive A.I. version combines all the content resources of the public version, but is also fully loaded with a huge assortment of ChatGPT/A.I. prompts, specifically for optimal content creation and marketing.

Here's an idea of the potency of the Content Silo Xtreme A.I. version:

✓ A.I.-Powered Prompts: Unlock A.I.'s potential to enhance content creation, delivering quicker and superior results.
✓ 25 A.I.-Boosted Content Prompts: Dive into A.I.-driven prompts for dynamic content creation across diverse niches.
✓ 44 SEO Supercharge Prompts: Harness Kurt's SEO experience since 1996 along with A.I. for your own substantial SEO advantage.
✓ 26 A.I. Web-Browsing Prompts: Seamlessly gather up-to-the-minute data with A.I.'s web-surfing capabilities, supercharging your content.
✓ 36 A.I. Expert "Act As" Prompts: Leverage A.I.'s expertise in any field with these potent prompts.
✓ 58 A.I.-Infused Writing Style Prompts: Mold your content's tone and demeanor with ease using A.I..
✓ 65 Copywriting Styles with A.I.: Boost engagement by drawing from the finest copywriters in marketing history.
✓ 32 A.I.-Driven Copywriting Formulas: Select proven sales formulas tA.I.lored to your marketing needs.
✓ 37 A.I. Keyword Optimization Prompts: Elevate online visibility by embedding SEO-friendly keywords seamlessly.
✓ 52 A.I. Text Enhancement Prompts: Effortlessly format and enhance text for better readability.
✓ A.I.-Powered 251 Marketing Content Types: Go beyond articles with a diverse range of content options, backed by A.I..
✓ 36 A.I. Content Formatting Choices: Optimize content appeal with versatile formatting options.
✓ A.I. Support for 79 Social Media Platforms: TA.I.lor content effectively for each social media platform.
✓ 1,000s More A.I.-Powered Prompts: Covering a plethora of marketing and business aspects, all backed by the capabilities of A.I..

Another ground-breaking A.I. tool included for you is the Prompt Silo. The free public version of the Prompt Silo is the largest, most expansive collection of prompt ideas to use with A.I. art creators. You can check it out here:

AgA.I.n, there's an even more powerful private POD version of the Prompt Silo included with your Kings and Queens of Content membership. This version was devolved specifically to assist you in creating great-looking designs using A.I. for products like tees, mugs, hoodies and over 800 more print on demand products.

For more info about the private POD version of the Prompt Silo, go here:

You can use these A.I. crafted designs on products to start your own merch business on sites like Etsy or Redbubble. And you can use them for your own unique clothes, decorations, printables and lots more. You can also easily create uniforms for youth sports teams, retA.I.l businesses, wedding party gifts and more using the special features of the Prompt Silo POD version.

What makes the POD version even better is the steep-by-step "pA.I.nt by numbers" system built in. Just enter a subject, the follow the color-coded numbering system and click a button. It really is that easy to create amazing artwork.

Your Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club is so much more. It has all sorts of content and product ideas, exclusive SEO tips that have worked for decades, how to buy and sell valuable domA.I.n names.

For example of the potential, you can use the Content Silo A.I. version to find the best keywords and to create and optimize content, exploit the domA.I.n tips for getting a valuable domA.I.n name, utilize the POD Prompt Silo for headers and images, and the SEO tools and tips to maximize your traffic.

Thanks and take care,


P.S. A.I. is changing how we ALL do business. Your biggest advantage is to be the first to take full advantage of its amazing power. If you don't embrace A.I. to its fullest before your competition does, it may be too late. Embrace the future of marketing with Artificial Intelligence. Join Kings and Queens of Content Club now. Click here!

Note: Some of the swipe files contain rebrandable links using your ClickBank affiliate ID to the free public versions of the Prompt Silos. Be sure to customize these links too to increase your profit potential.

Highlights of the Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club:

The Kings and Queens is a special membership club that focuses on creating content and products of all kinds.

I began my SEO journey in 1996, before Google even existed, and helped pioneer many of the strategies still used today. My main SEO focus in the K&Qs is concentrating on the things that have worked for the past 27+ years.

At about the same time I started SEO, I began investing in domain names. Domain names are an important part of IM. They can brand and are also products that can be bought and sold.

Here's just a little more included in the K&Q Content Club:

Info, resources and discussions about AI art makers like MidJourney, with a focus on using AI art for creating physical products and printables, for your own satisfaction and as products and services you can sell.

 ✔ Advanced tips for using AI to create content and products, including AI art, AI writers, AI text to speech and one in the IM marketing niche has more experience than me.

 ✔ The MEGA Library of Public Domain Resources and Money-Making Ideas - FREE software, blueprints and patents, audio and music, games, videos, books, maps, movies, magazines and more that you can use to create content and products you can sell.

Exclusive Tips and Secrets for getting the most out of 3 resource-packed tools:

    The Content Silo
    The SEO & Keyword
    The Prompt Silo

✔ The "Versus Pages System" Quick Start - Google LOVES "deep review" sites. Here's how I suggest you make them.

✔ List of Parasite Power Sites - Using my AI content writing methods, put your extra content on these sites and benefit from their traffic and authority.
✔ Advanced Keyword Concepts Made Easy using my list of over 550 "pheed" keywords to begin your research.

✔ The Domain Royale Cookbook with 16 original recipes for finding potent domain names.

✔ The "Exploratory Bet" Strategy - Discover what keywords you can rank before you waste time and money creating useless content.

✔ How to Find Extraordinary Opportunities with Software - Not only can you find a lot of high paying affiliate programs using this strategy, it's also a very potent way of finding "pheed" keywords to start your research and "pheed" AI content writers.

✔ RSS Riot Content Software - You won't find a better source of free high-quality content with zero hassles. Use for your own info or to keep up with the latest news in a variety of niches for content curation.

✔ My exclusive AI content writing methods that are simple and effective.
✔ Literally too much more to list it all here...

Thanks for your time and looking forward to working together...

Kurt Melvin



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