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Tips for Building Your Email Lists
The list below is taken from this article. Be sure to check it out for more:
69 List Building Tips from the Experts

The article offers a lot of great tips for building building email lists. However,  I think many of these folks leave out the one single key element, and that's getting people to actually see your email optin forms AKA traffic.

I bolded the tips that I feel include the traffic element. IMO the others a good, solid tips they are more about optimizing your list and you can do them unless you already have traffic.

I also think they all left out one of the very best ways to build lists...and that to offer affiliate programs that can pay up to 100%. One of the tips in the article is to write a book. How do you get traffic? The advice in the article suggests listing it on Amazon. OK, but another option is to sell if for something like $7 and pay influencers 100% commisions. This creates a list of buyers.

Add The Three P s
Ask  Thank You Page Questions
Ask Yourself Four Questions
Ask Yourself These Two Questions
Ask for Sign-Ups in Person
Build Smaller Topic-Specific Lists
Build Your List Through Events
Captivate Your Audience
Collect a Business Card
Create Free Courses
Create Multiple Lead Magnets
Create Specific Opt-Ins
Create Video Content
Deliver Targeted, Consistently Valuable Content
Do a Webinar
Find a Niche and Become the Leader
Focus on Content Quality
Follow These Two Concepts
Get Started
Get and Keep Your Permission
Give Away Valuable Information for Free
Give Away Your Content
Give Them a List of Resources
Have a Clear Brand that Strikes an Emotional Chord
Have a Clear Concise Call-To-Action
Have a Unique Selling Proposition
Link to an Opt-In Page and Track It
Live Stream It
Live Video Streaming
Make It About Them Not You
Make Signing Up Painless Valuable
Make Your Emails Stand Out
Make a Sense of Community
Make it Quick, Easy, and Likeable
Never Serve Leftovers
Offer Content Upgrades
Offer a More Advanced Incentive
Optimize Lead Magnets
Overwhelm Them With Value
Partner With Influencers
Personalize and Build Community
Provide Monetary Value
Provide Value All the Time
Require Verified Opt-In (aka Double Opt-In
Setup Dynamic Calls-To-Action
Split Test Everything
Start Using Landing Pages
Super-Target Your Lead magnets to Specific Niches of Your Audience
Test Your Emails
Treat Them Like Real People
Try Facebook Lead Ads
Use AdWords Facebook Marketing
Use Both Free Paid Methods
Use Facebook Ads
Use Highly Targeted Facebook Ads to Grow Your List

Use Popups
Use Relevant Lead Magnets
Use SlideShare
Use Slideshare

Use Sticky Offers
Use Surveys, Contests, Feedback
Use URL Parameters
Use UTM Tracking
Use Webinars
Use the Google Display Network
Using Twitter Lead Generation Cards to Grow Your Email List
Utilize Social Media Contests

Write a Book
Enjoy Generous Commissions up to 60%, find ready-to-use swipe files and more with
The Pheeds Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club affiliate program.

Click here to your affiliate link and get started now.

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