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What are your favorite multiplying tips?
Think about how to sell things in quantity. For example, you can market a set of bath towels to Mom. Or you can market of 100 sets of bath towels to a Mom and Pop motel. They are are both 1 sale, it's a matter of reaching a different market where a single sale can multiple your profit.

I think Amazon has a section for Science and Industry which can give you some ideas.
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I don't like "traffic jacking" where you can post a link to site like NatGeo and have a popup or ad for your own site and offers. I think it's stealing from the benefits and reputation built by others creating content. IMO it infringes on their freedom of speech to express themselves.

However, I like the tech and feel it can be used in a legit way to multiple your traffic. Let's say you're promoting an affiliate offer. "Jacking" the traffic you send in this case is far different. It's a mutually beneficial situation and you earned the traffic you are sending. As an affiliate a 5% sales rate is pretty good. But this means you sent 95% of your hard earned traffic to another site and got nothing for it.

Set up a jacker so that when you send your traffic to another site that if there is an "exit popup" in place. This means if they don't buy and hit the back button, etc, you can have a popup window containing just about anything you another offer, an email optin for a report, a YouTube video, a subscribe to your FB and Twitter, or even a plea for bail.

Once you get traffic the next step is to optimize your traffic and jacking your own traffic and reputation is effective and ethical and your reputation is also at risk when sending people to other sites to sell them something.
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NOt sure just what you mean multiplying but i think you mean optimizing. I like to post my social posts when my friends are online the most. IT makes sense to me if your going to make a post you should do it when the most people will see it.
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Here's an example of "multiplying". This technique works particularly well with things like free CPA offers. CPA means "cost per action" and for us it means we get paid for an "action" taken by our website visitors. For example, there's a number of CPA offers that will pay us to just get a person to give their email address or to sign up for a free sample.
 Example Popup Window Featuring Two Different Offers [Image: 2offersPopupEx.jpg]

This technique not only puts twice as many offers in front of your people, giving them (and you) two different offers, you may be surprised at how many people will actually sign up for both offers when given the opportunity, multiplying your potential.

Notice how this (very ugly) example uses "step 1" and "step 2", as well as the "+" sign. This enforces people to see the popup to take two actions to complete the process.
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