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How is Pheeds different? And Tips for Chips
(03-09-2020, 05:56 PM)Claire Koch Wrote: cow chips for starting a thread is not different but cow chips for each response!  That's way different.  I did not realize that
you had that as an incentive and looked quite a few times to see what you get with the cow chips.  Blind as a bat. lol.

I love it that there is not competition with advertising WOW also did not realize that.  So what we offer here will be more
readily seen.  At least imho.

What is different to me?  Well

1. cow chips the currency is not used before and is very unique.  Goes right along with the theme.

2. It's owned by a nice person.  I don't know if that's different but to me it is because i know you from the warrior forum.

3. Nice feeling here.  In other's there's a feeling of ikd what to call it.  The usual "Kids" type online forum atmosphere, not here.
maybe spammy would be it but not sure.

4. Fun atmosphere.  The theme makes your forum fun and unique.

Thanks Claire...I hope cow chips will become more valuable in the future and will be adding more things for people to use them on.

And yes, by far the best way to ear cow chips is to start threads that other reply to. You also get 4 chips for every post (over 250 characters/about 80 words) that someone else makes on a thread you started.

Also, you do get chips for each character at .01 chips for each. It doesn't show the value because it rounds off to 0. So you also get 1 chip for every 100 characters (or about 7 words). And people get 4 chips just for voting on a poll, coming back to the forum or rating a thread. I am worried about the thread rating at this time because it's so easy to exploit and build cow chips. But rating threads helps other members, as does voting on polls, so those are encouraged.

For anyone wondering, this is what 250 characters looks like:
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Tortor pretium viverra suspendisse potenti nullam ac tortor vitae. Non diam phasellus vestibulum lorem sed risus ultricies tre

In other words, any time you start a thread and someone responds with a post at least as long as above, they get 4 chips and you get 4 chips. This is to prevent "great info!" type posts from counting. I have a feeling I'll increase this limit in the future.

And the example post above would earn 6.5 chips. 4 for a reply and 2.5 more for the 250 characters.
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RE: How is Pheeds different? And Tips for Chips - by Kurt - 03-09-2020, 07:11 PM

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