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Favorite and least favorite school subjects
What are your favorite and least favorite school subjects?

My favorite was a class I took in college called Human Geography. It was about how people moved and interacted. For example, in America people don't like others within 3 feet of their face but will accept others a foot behind them. In other cultures they will accept someone only a foot in front of their face.

The class also dealt with things like how cities are set up. They all have a high rent downtown surrounded by a low rent industrial warehouse area on some sides.

My least favorite was anything to do with literature. I found (find) the "classics" to be so so so so boring. I don't care she had to wear a red letter. Where's the action? I took a philosophy class and really liked the classroom dicussions but couldn't stand the reading. Talking about Plato was a lot more interesting than reading Plato. Smile
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I never had any favorites, but I did take an interest in all of them until I started challenging my teachers which resulted in a few scholorships and finishing high school and college earlier than most in my age bracket.

One thing I did enjoy in college was skipping mandatory classes and sneaking into other classes. So much to learn and so little time.
(05-20-2020, 11:50 PM)Kurt Wrote: how cities are set up. They all have a high rent downtown surrounded by a low rent industrial warehouse area on some sides.
That's interesting. I remember a discussion about how city populations tend to position in rings that constantly move outward with the outer ring moving back into the center. The rings were defined by race and financial standing.

I do know that right now Indianapolis city center is very popular with the young affluent types.
In college I took a City Planning class and we used the game Sim City. A lot of colleges did at the time and I don't know if they do now. Sim City is very accurate according to the collleges. I loved it and got addicted to it at the time.

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