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Some excellent advice from Matthew Lesko on getting help to start a new business
In this video, Matthew Lesko gives 4 websites that will give free (or cheap) advice and guidance for starting a business. For those that don't know Lesko, he used to run a lot of infomercials on US TV selling his book about how to get grants from the US. He does a lot of his stuff online now and is a good follow.

Also note his comment about business really coming down to just getting customers and everything else is just details. IMO, this is the FIRST and most important question any business owner/starter should answer, "Where and how are you EXACTLY going to get customers?".

4 Best Websites To Start Any Business With ZERO $0
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(Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn't spend them all in one place.)
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I remember him. Smile I didn't know he was still around.
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