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How to start a business with little or no money
Here's a solid business plan. It will take consistent effort over time but it can be used to start small and scale as you grow. The video below (play at 2X speed) talks about setting up a simple, but very effective marketing funnel without having to spend money on fancy funnel software with big affiliate commissions added to the price.

 Let's take the niche marketing aspect a little further. Marcus Campbell uses marketing a band as an example in the video. You will need to know what their goals are with their "band site". Is it to sell/promote their music or to book gigs or both or something else?

The real takeaway is to "market marketing" to a specific niche. If you are starting out, create products and services for a specific business to help them make more money. You know there is a demand for this, as every business wants to make more money. It's a matter of reaching these folks with something they want.

The video talks about creating a "band website" template/site and giving it away to bands that use his affiliate link for hosting. By creating a template for a specific niche, you can resell it over and over, building a list of business owners as you go that will need other services.

You can go from plumber sites, to lawn care sites, etc. to scale. Much of the marketing info you can pass on will be the same with some good customized info for each specific niche.

Get traffic using solid SEO and research, as well as forums and LinkedIn groups where these folks hang out and interact with them, asking them questions about their concerns and helping them when you can.

I'm just making these numbers up, and they could well all be ZERO in reality, but let's say you had a good reseller hosting account. How hard would it be for you to host and manage 20 customers at $20-50 a month?

An important tip in the video is about letting folks contact you, especially when first starting out. A good investment may be a live chat app that can work across multiple pages and domains. If I were in my hustling days, this is something I'd strongly consider.
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