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Windows 10 with classic start menu
[Posted with Kurt's permission]

YOU: a Windows 7 user forced to move to Windows 10, and now missing the classic start menu

ME: Your savior Wink  

I know of two Windows 10 apps that replace the new Windows 10 startup menu with something closely resembling the classic one found in Windows 7

First, check out -- it replaces the windows menu and also decorates your windows to appear more like Windows 7. This is the one I am using personally

Then, there is 'start everywhere', which, true to its name, can be started ANYWHERE on your screen by typing a hot-key of your choice.

No more silly Windows 10 start menu! You can thank me later Wink
Good post! I use Classic Shell myself.

Here is the YouTube Link with instructions:
How to Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows 7

Here is the YouTube Author's website:
How to Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows 7

Here are the Windows 7 Start Buttons
That is a good post , when this first happened I almost had a heart attack because my computer started to convert
without my permission or I somehow gave it permission without realizing it. I had read all the horror stories from
people converting over and it was not my wish to ever get windows 10.

Think I might of replaced that computer twice now. I have somehow gotten used to the windows 8 coming up
on the left every time I push the start button. But originally I was going to do what you suggested.

I had gotten my friend a windows 8 computer as a gift and she hated it. Then one day she accidently hit the
conversion button. Once windows 10 came up she said wow thats much better. I sent her over the instructions
to make her desktop like windows 7 but she was so relieved to get out of 8 she just said thanks anyway I think
I will just go with this.

Still isn't it amazing they have this still.

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