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Concepts for SEO and Traffic for 2021 and Beyond
One really good strategy is strategic use of authority sites as "parasite pages". A parasite page is a page on a site you don't own but can post content on that Google seems to prefer. I don't really like the term parasite as I believe you can (and should) add value to these sites and it's not just about what you can get from them.

Here's a good video from Mick Meaney about using and to find questions that you can reply to that you know gets Google traffic and not just internal traffic.

While the video talks about finding Flurther pages, the same technique can (and should) be used on other parasite/authority sites.

Taking it a step further...keep track of your parasite pages that:

Benefit you by having a link to a resource you own.

The link is prominent on that page, IE in the first or second response or voted best answer, etc.

Think of these as valuable assets and build a few links to these pages. Because of the authority of sites like Quora, these pages are probably a LOT more likely to rank in Google than pages on your own site. You can also be more aggressive with your linking strategies as Google is more tolerate of linking to respected sites and you're not putting your own domains in danger.

Especially if you are knew to Google SEO, I really believe you'll have far more success much more quickly using a strategy like this than trying to rank your own domains. Plus, this also is a very solid strategy long-term for building a good link profile to your own domains.

There is a down side and that is you're building links and content on a resource you don't own. As mentioned in Mick's video above Yahoo Questions just closed their doors. A lot of folks spent a lot of effort using YA for their marketing and now it's gone.

It's up to you to weigh the risk/reward for your situation, but I don't think using these strategies should be used exclusively...or totally ignored.
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Concepts for SEO and Traffic for 2021 and Beyond - by Kurt - 05-15-2021, 11:24 PM

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