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[SHORT CONTENT] Free verticle videos for short content projects
Here's some free vertical videos with public domain licenses that you can use any way you want from Pexels and Pixabay. Most videos you find are wide screen, 16x9, but short content for mobile generally prefers vertical videos which are 9x16. Check out these resources to find stock videos formatted for mobile short content.

Pexels Verticals

Pexels has a category just for vertical video. It isn't organized very well but once you get to the vertical page above do a search for your keyword while keeping "vertical" in the search box too.

vertical dog
vertical funny
vertical ocean
vertical rain

How to Get My Exclusive Vertical Video Cover

Pexels doesn't have a category for vertical videos, so I converted a bunch (151) of the best ones by hand. These are full screen videos on mobile and aren't just "shrunken" 16x9 videos so they fit.

Generally, these videos are a lot better for backgrounds than the ones you'll find at Pexels. Check out a few samples in this video:

There are three separate downloads with 50, 50 and 51 videos in each for a total of 151 vertical videos.
  • To get a link to one download make a helpful, funny or interesting post on this thread. Surely you've found a good resource or joke you can share.
  • Each time you make a post I'll PM a link to one of the downloads
  • Make each contribution in a separate post.

Please don't make a minimal effort to make a post just to get something from me. The point is to make a useful thread for all, not just to give you something.

The only restriction is please don't share my download link directly, if I PM you the links. Instead if you want to share, please send folks to this thread or upload them and link to them on your own hosting.
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