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A stitch in time - basic strategy
Many years ago "stitching pages" was a method of creating doorway pages for ranking in SEs. Stitching was adding elements from different sources to a web page, like a little text, some links from ODP/DMOZ, some RSS feeds, amazon results, etc.

Stitching pages is actually a pretty good strategy today too, but you do it with multi-media and original content. Here's a content and marketing plan anyone can do for free.

You need to be able to create print on demand products like tees and mugs (and planty more) and list them either on a site like Etsy or on your own Woocommerce or shopify store.

By creating your own products you are in control. You don't need to be approved for affiliate programs and you get paid a lot quicker. If I make a sale on Amazon Merch it will take 4-8 weeks for me to see the money. But with my own POD products on Etsy I'll see the money in a day or two.

POD also lets you create your own products in a variety of niches and once you get the process down you can create good, vialble products in tons of niches really quickly.

Next you need to build a presence at sites like Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn and maybe FB groups. This takes time. But be smart. Be helpful. And brand yourself. At Reddit you can build a lot of karma in niches you enjoy. Get your karma up in them. Then join in a few subreddits where your target audience is and build a good reputation here. Same general idea with the others.

Create a big page of "stitched" content that will appeal to your target folks like "43 Things Nurses Need to Know About Covid" and make a great page using infographics, links, videos, etc.

And embed your "Nurses are Heroes" tee in your page too.

And repeat. Most of these will be "duds" but this is something that you can grind away at over and over and you'll get some "hits" and build links at the same time.
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