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Video Marketing Strategy
Video Marketing Strategy - Do you have one?

As I endeavour to develop my skills in Video Marketing, I had the pleasure to take a course with Ben Amos of Engage Video Marketing and Innovate Media. Ben works with brands and businesses creating video content for them.

This course was a huge eye-opener to me and helped me to enhance my skills in the area of Video Marketing Strategy.

Video Marketing Strategy is crucial in a world where there's so much video noise.

In this post, I’m sharing the video interview I did with Ben after the course. 
Ben covers many great tips on Video Marketing Strategy, including tips for small businesses, and some challenges they face in their online branding and video marketing. 

YouTube Video:
Video Marketing Strategy Interview

Here’s a list of the topic areas we cover:
  • Does your business have a video strategy?
  • Video Producer Challenge
  • How has the accessibility of affordable quality video gear affected video marketing services?
  • Empowering small business with video strategy
  • Fears and gear
  • What type of content should you be creating for your business?
  • Target audience and the buyer’s journey
  • Quality of production and your message
  • Small business challenges with getting going with video
  • It’s not about you
  • ROI and video
  • Lead with value
  • Repurposing content in your strategy
  • Storytelling and marketing
  • Video and platform strategy
  • Livestreaming and video strategy
  • Outsourcing vs In-house video marketing
  • The Video Strategist opportunity
  • Future trends in video marketing

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