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How to create really cool art using a free AI tool
Here's a good tutorial that shows how to create art using a free AI tool.

Here's the code:

My first AI generated art. I entered the text "bluesman standing at the crossroads" and this is what AI created. It even added musical notes in "banners" on the distorted guitar necks:
[Image: bluesmanstandingatthecrossroads.png]

I think it's pretty amazing from a tech point of view. It got the context of "bluesman" and added the guitars on its own along with the musical notes. The "crossroads" reference was a bit easier and seems to use roads in general without the blues reference, but it did get the concept of road and it does appear the guy is standing on a dirt road. It took about 15 minutes for it to fully create this image.
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How to create really cool art using a free AI tool - by Kurt - 01-14-2022, 11:13 PM

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