Prompts for Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Takes them to the Next Level With the Power of AI

If you're into affiliate marketing, using the optimal prompts with AI tools like Bing Copilot and ChatGPT can be a game-changer. This guide will walk you through how to extract insights from sales pages, craft effective sales content, and more. By the end, you'll have practical strategies to elevate your campaigns.

Let's Start with Using A.I. for Research

Open the Edge browser and then open the Bing Copilot sidebar.


2. Ask Bing Copilot to summarize the page. If a button for this doesn't automatically appear, then just ask it todo so in the chat box.

(Tip: You can promote the Kings and Queens of Content using your Clickbank affiliate ID. See the K&Q Affiliate Tools Page to get your affiliate link and more info.)

3. Check the summary results and ask Bing Copilot to expand on one of the topics/keywords in the summary provided

A. Ask Bing Copilot "What are some keywords related to this [topic/keywords] that will help sell this product? Please include an exhaustive list of LSI and theme-related keywords.

B. Do basic keyword research on these keywords using your favorite keyword tool. There are plenty of free keyword research tools available at the SEO Silo.

C. After your keyword research for this topic, ask Copilot who is the target audience of [each selected keyword] and what is their search intent?

Repeat with another topic, begining with Step 3.

The goal is to create HELPFUL content that relates directly to the product you are selling. It's essential to create useful content for EACH audience target for your selected keywords.

Open ChatGPT

We used Bing Copilot above to collect basic info. Now lets use ChatGPT to expand on that info.

1. Paste each block of info from Bing Copilot Into Chatgpt

A. Ask ChatGPT to expand on each:

B. Please write some facts about this topic.

C. Please list the major benefits of it. (Have ChatGPT expand on each as needed.)

Create Sales Content

Below are the elements of a good sales letter or piece of content.

These are the foundational of a good sales letter. Copy this text and paste it into ChatGPT. Remove any lines of text that aren't relevant to your situation.Then tell ChatGPT to take note of these elements.


1. Copy and then paste these into ChatGPT and tell it to:

Please study and take note of these sales letter elements.

2. Next, paste the sales letter for the product into ChatGPT.

Tell ChatGPT:

A. Based on the content above and using the sales element you studied and noted above, please write 10 variations of short sales content for [a blog post, Youtube video, FB post,Tweet, etc]

B. Please suggest 25 ideas for images, videos, charts, etc., to compliment this content.


1. Research YouTube for Content and Ideas.

Using Bing Copilot - Navigate to YouTube search results page(s) for your selected keywords and ask it to:

A. Please create a list of top 25 yt channels about[keyword] - Use these suggestions to find helpful videos to post in your content and find inspiration for your own videos.
B. Write a 30-90 script for a YT video ad based on these titles

2. Create Sales Content and Materials

A. ,Copy and paste the text from the product sales page and tell chatgt to study and note it.

B. Tell chat GPT to suggest keywords based on the content you entered and include the search intent for each selected keywords.

C. Tell ChatGPT to create a sales letter based on the results produced.

3. Create a 10 Part (more or less) Email Sequence Promoting the Product

Research tips and paste them into ChatGPT. Do good research and come up with 10+ valuable tips. The better your tips, the better your sales.

Tell ChatGPT to expand and/or rewrite the tips.

Tell ChatGPT to create a 10 part email sequence promoting the product. and enter them into ChatGPT, instructing it to:

Please use each of these 10 tips to create a email marketing sequence, using one tip per email. Please also include a selction of 5 eye-catching CTA email subject lines for each email to increase open rates using solid copywriting principals.
You can use the Content Silo Xtreme AI version for a vast assortment of copyriting formulas and famous copywriter styles.

For example, using a couple of suggestions from the Content Silo Xtreme AI version, tell ChatGPT something like:
Using the AIDA formula in the style of Billy Mays, please write an infomercial for the product above, using the info and keywords provided in this chat.