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This page is all about making content and creating your own products. The fact is, the faster, cheaper and better you can produce quality content and products, the more opportunities you create for yourself.

I started SEO and building content sites in 1996, before Google even existed. I was one of the first people to create keyword research tools. I also pioneered many different ways of creating all sorts of content over the years.

You will discover methods that have worked the entire time, as well as brand-new strategies for using the latest artificial intelligence tools to create amazing content and product opportunities for online business people.

As a Member of the Kings and Queens of Content You Have Tons of Content Power Tools and Resources at Your Fingertips

There simply isn't another resource for creating as much content in as many different ways as your Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club.

The Kings and Queens of Content Club is made to help "do-it-yourself" business people quickly create high-quality, 100% original content and products at minimal cost, time and effort.

This isn't just about writing articles. It's about utilizing a wide variety resources, ideas, strategies and tips to create quality content and products that people want to buy from you.

Things Are QUICKLY Changing - Are You a Going to Lead or Follow?

Being the first to act is a huge advantage in business. 

Artificial Intelligence is quickly and dramatically changing how we do business on the Net. 

When it comes to using AI to create content, you generally get one of two opinions:

    1. It's magic!
    2. It sucks!

Group #1 is probably an IM guru trying to sell you something any way they can by making promises they can't keep. And Group #2 never invested a couple of minutes to learn few simple concepts...or feels threatened that AI is taking their job.

With A.I. You Need to Be a Director

Think of yourself as a movie director and AI bots as your dumb, but good-looking and talented actors. You need to specifically direct AI what to do, not expect it to do things on its own. You need to tell A.I. how to act. You can't simply put in a couple of words and expect a long 2000 word article of good quality.

But, A.I. will help you create all sorts of amazing content, if you understand a few simple things.

I've tested many of the well-known AI writing tools and some are junk. However, the best AI writers do a great job with many of the things your business should be writing about, like my SEO method for uncovering the best keywords for you, or my "Versus" page method.

Get a Head Start on the Gold Rush with This Included Special Bonus!

You're Getting VIP Access to the Special Content Silo Xtreme Group

Be a valued member of a small group of like-minded folks to explore the ever-changing world of A.I.

Here's just a sample of what you're getting in the special Content Silo Xtreme Group:

Extremely important video for all content creators - I didn't create this video, and you may be able to find it yourself on YouTube. But, I take this strategy a few steps further and show you how to use the info in this video using resources available to you on the Content Silo Xtreme. For example,
you'll discover how to cite trusted authority sources for SEO

Get & Rebrand Unlimited Low Content Report - This is a unique money-making opportunity for you to become a Pheeds partner while giving away a valuable report showing step-by-step how to use A.I. to make massive amounts of low content products. Not only can you sell these products on sites like Amazon and Etsy, but they also make terrific incentives for building all your email lists and to add as bonuses for your affiliate virtually unlimited niches.

Using AI Content Resources on a Budget - A short, but valuable post on how I save money using the most effective A.I. tools available.

Content Silo Xtreme AI Official Thread - Tips and secrets for getting the most out of the Content Silo Xtreme A.I. version.

Included is Private Access to the Content Silo X A.I. Version
With the Content Silo X A.I. Version, you'll experience marketing content versatility at its best. It's rich reservoir of A.I. prompts allows you to generate an array of marketing content, from playful social media, to informative long form blog posts, niche e-books, effective Google ads, profitable product reviews and everything in between.

This exclusive version of the Content Silo Xtreme is NOT available to public.
You'll be able to access it from the special A.I. group at

  Incredible Power Prompts - These prompts are the "secret" to getting the most out of AI content makers like ChatGPT. This secret is simply asking AI what it needs from you to get the best results. The Power Prompts will greatly help you get much MUCH better results from AI, a lot faster and more easily.

  25 content building prompts: These prompts offer a springboard for diverse and engaging content creation, helping you continually produce fresh, laser focused content for virtually any niche.

  44 advanced SEO prompts: I have been doing SEO since 1996 and have included and optimized these prompts to give your SEO a big boost.

  136 "act as" prompts: Telling AI to act as an expert in a particular field is a potent way to get the best content from AI. Use these as is, or modify them as you want to give yourself access to experts for virtually any topic.

  26 prompts for AI apps capable of browsing the web: Some of the AI tools will browse the web with you, giving you the ability to focus on the exact, up-to-date info you need to create the most impactful content.

  79 social media sites: - If you're creating content for social media, you can choose the styles that work best for each platform with these handy buttons.

  52 of my text manipulation prompts: These unique prompts will help you format your text in many helpful ways.

58 writing style prompts: Set the mood and attitude of your content using these prompts.

  32 copywriting formulas: From AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) to WIIFM (What's In It For Me), and everything in between, you'll be able to choose proven sales formulas to fit all of your marketing marketing situation.

65 famous copywriter styles: Take advantage of the best, most famous copywriters in marketing history to increase your clicks, subs and sales.

  37 keyword prompts: These prompts will guide you in incorporating SEO-friendly keywords in your content, improving your visibility online and bringing more potential customers your way.

  251 marketing content types: Creating content isn't just about articles. Here's a massive list of a wide variety of marketing content AI can and will help you with. Here's just a few examples: customer surveys and feedback forms, amazon advertising campaigns, branding and logo design, email content, web accessibility optimization and 240+ more marketing content types.

  36 output format types: Adding variety to your content formatting helps readers and search engines enjoy your content you want the info as a list of benefits, a mind map or in a pie chart? Just click to choose from a multitude of formatting options to make your content to be better looking and organized.

  Plus 1000s more A.I. prompts for: social media marketing, online course creation, SEO, YouTube, eBook writing, copywriting, email marketing, blogging, print on demand, web developing, amazon success, Etsy success, eBay success, podcast, entrepreneurs, passive income

These are in addition to all the potent content resources of the public version of the Content Silo.
The combination of these resources and the A.I. prompts is your personal powerhouse for content creation.

You're Also Getting Access to Yet Another Private SILO
The Print on Demand Version of the Prompt Silo
Discover this exclusive step-by-step system for creating designs for print on demand products

It's "paint by numbers" easy!
Each step is numbered for your convenience. Just follow the numbered steps to create virtually unlimited POD designs.

Enter a main subject   
One click adds the required MidJourney "Imagine" parameter:"
Template Designs for tee shirts, logos, stickers coloring books  (optional)
Styles - Pick from first and/or second group or add others. 
Mood & Atmosphere - Easily create a mood from cute to terrifying. (optional)    
Quick Colors - Selected specifically for POD print-crafts.
Format and MJ versions
Just copy and paste your prompts into MidJourney (or any other of your favorite AI art makers)

Plus it gives you access to all these extra-handy features:

Handy links to the best AI art platforms - Enjoy the best AI art platforms quickly and effortlessly with handy links, saving you time and money.

Tools/PODs - Easy access to my hand-picked essential links for print-crafters.Special One-Click Styles - More than 250 "One-click" specialty style buttons empowers you to add stunning styles to your prompts quickly and effortlessly.

The links listed above make the POD Prompt Silo the perfect launching point for all of your A.I. art projects!


Character Poses - Supercharge your art with a variety of poses for AI characters, unlocking endless creative actions to elevate your storytelling.

Interest Enhancing Props - Enrich your scenes and characters with a diverse selection of prop prompts to make your products stand out from the competition.

Exclusive Power Buttons - The Power Button prompts let you take full advantage of MidJourney's "permutations" feature to create multiple versions of your artwork at warp speed. Create truckloads of designs for t-shirts, stickers, logos, coloring pages, styles, colors and MidJourney versions all with a few clicks.

Here's some examples of One-Click Styles.
The prompts were made by simply choosing an
one-click style button
plus "puppy on a solid black background".

These examples show how easy it is to make images of puppies in different styles, without any artistic talent using MidJourney and the members-only POD version of the Prompt Silo.

Making and using AI artwork opens unlimited opportunities for you, especially if you have the advantage of being one of the first to develop products and content using The POD version of the Prompt Silo for A.I. generated artwork.

Your Very Best Advantage Is Right Now
Before Everyone Else Discovers the Power of AI.

You can create unlimited products from YOUR original artwork that YOU can LEGALLY sell.

These products are just the "tip of the iceberg" for creating products and content using A.I.

     Print on Demand Products, like tees, mugs and 100s more products.
     Make Great Pattern Interrupts for Your Videos

     Be a Logo-Making Machine

     Create Custom Memes for Social Media Branding

     Low Content Printables

  Quick, Easy and Original Banners and Headers

  Illustrations and Covers for Kindle Books and Reports

  Eye-Catching Vertical Ads for PPC

  Digital Downloads

  Comics and Graphic Novels

Here's a few examples of a T-Rex celebrating various holidays using just one of the available "Style" prompt suggestions available in the Prompt Silo POD version:

Halloween T Rex T-Shirt Designs

Christmas T Rex T-Shirt Designs

Valentines Day T Rex T-Shirt Designs

St. Patrick's Day T Rex T-Shirt Designs

These designs are perfect for mugs, hoodies, tees, and hundreds of other print on demand products.

You're Also Getting Access to the Pheeds "Mega" Library of Public Domain Resources and Money-Making Ideas

You're about to discover how to create how-to courses, ebooks, mugs, tee shirts, downloadable digital products
and more using FREE media that's in the public domain.

Your Pheeds Library of Public Domain contains massive amounts of public domain resources.
These are FREE resources you can legally use for pretty much any purpose, commercial or non-commercial.

Plus You're Getting Public Domain Software, Blueprints and Patents, Audio and Music,
, Videos, Books, Maps, Movies, Magazines and more...

Disney has made fortunes from the public domain. So has Google. Their Chrome browser is built from the GPL browser Chromium.

And you can make money from Public Domain resources too. I can't promise that you'll make as much money as they have, but they show the huge potential of using public domain assets to create products.

BTW, did you know the original version of the movie Little Shop of Horrors is in the Public Domain? Marilyn Monroe is also in the Public Domain. So is Albert Einstein, Winnie the Pooh and Bambi. Winnie the Pooh is the most popular children's book ever. You can't use Disney's art, but you can use AI to create your own Pooh characters to sell. Here's a niche that's ripe for the pickin'.

Plus, every year, all sorts of great new things are released into the Public Domain.

First Come. First Served.   

Not only are there are plenty of old and new books, ebooks, music, videos and more waiting for you in the Pheeds Library of Public Domain archives...there's heaps of ideas for turning all this free and legal stuff into products.

Tip: Think about how can you mix Public Domain assets wit A.I. For example, can you use Aesop's Fables along with MidJourney to create coloring pages for kids along with each fable? The possibilities of standing out against your competition are truly endless.

Take Control With Your Own Inventory of Products

With your own products, you're the boss. You make all the decisions. No affiliate applications, traffic requirements, marketing method restrictions or other hoops to jump through.

Sell your own products for instant profit and cash flow - This is the REAL #1 reason businesses fail, lack of cash flow to pay the bills. It can take a while to get paid affiliate commissions. Most will take your sales for a month, then pay you a month after that. If you make a sale on the Jan. 1, it's likely you won't get paid until sometime in March. And this assumes you meet their minimum payout requirement for that time period.
  Leverage the traffic of others and vastly expand your sales reach by having affiliates sell your products for you by listing them on sites like JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, Amazon and more.
  Give them away as incentives to build email lists.

Trade/Barter for other products and services using your products as currency.

Use as prizes and awards for contests and competitions.
  Add as bonuses for your own products and affiliate products to increase value and out-compete the other affiliates.

Sell on platforms with built-in traffic like Etsy, eBay, Envato and Amazon Merch.


How to Really Do Marketing: Advanced Keyword Concepts That Have Worked Longer Than Google Has Even Existed...and Still Work.

 Yes, it's good to know the latest SEO fad. But what has CONSISTENTLY worked since 1996, when I first started SEO?

For example, use "Pheed" Keywords to find the most profitable niches that others haven't. Unlike the typical "expert" SEO advice that tells you to research your niche using keyword tools.

Pheed keywords are NOT niches.

These Pheed keywords are the power words you use to find profitable niches!

Here's a few examples of pheed keywords. And remember, you'll have access to over 550 more Pheed keywords.

binge  overstock personalized refurbished beginner fastest
eliminate how do i get with check funding software payment plan

Why are these words so valuable? Let's take the pheed word "binge" as an example. A "binge" is when someone is getting ready to spend a lot of money.

Maybe they got a raise, sold something, won the lottery...whatever. The point is, they are in the mood to buy stuff.

The typical SEO guru advice is to research the best keywords for a particular niche. However, in this example start your research with the Pheed word "binge" and discover what niches people "binge" on, then develop content and products for these niches.

My advice is, if you really want to make money, to find the best niches using particular Pheed keywords.

Start your keyword research with your Pheed keywords to find your niches,
then use the tools, tips and resources in the Kings and Queens of Content Club to create content and products for those niches.

Domain Names Can Be Instant Products: Get My Methods to Discover Valuable Domain Names in a Few Easy Steps

Domain names offer incredible opportunities. You can buy one for $10 and you immediately own a product that you can sell, develop, trade, or give away.

With some potent strategies, you can find domain names that can greatly help with Google ranking, branding, linking and resale value when flipping domains.

I bought my first domain name in 1996 and have bought, sold and traded 1000s since. I'll show you tricks and methods for finding valuable domain names the "experts" don't know about...but should.

Included in the Kings and Queens is the Domain Royale Cookbook.

The Domain Royale Cookbook has 16 different recipes...

  • Each recipe is as simple as click and drag and copy and paste.
  • Each offers unique opportunities to find domain names with resale and investment value.
  • Plus you have all the resources you need at your fingertips to easily create your own custom domaining recipes.

There are Few Online Opportunities Better than Domaining.

  • Low Investment and Low Risk
  • Easiest to Master
  • Uses Free Software
  • Instant Products

Discover Millions More Keyword Combos With My Special Keyword Files

I combined my 27+ years of experience with domaining and keywords for SEO to build huge lists of the best keywords to use for this type of domain hunting.

These are NOT just huge lists of keywords. Similar to the list of Pheed Keywords above, these words reveal valuable domain names. 

These are special lists, with thousands and thousands of the most potent "pheed" keywords for finding domain names with value. Each and every list was created for a specific reason. Just copy/paste a list and follow the step-by-step directions using free tools.


Not Interested in Selling Domains? 
If You Do Business Online You STILL NEED This!

If you do business on the Net, chances are you will need domain names for your own projects.  Or for your clients, friends and family members.
You owe it to yourself (and them) to get the very best, most valuable domain names you can at the very best price you can.

Easy to Use Method Discovers Domain Names You KNOW People Want

It Doesn't Cost Anything to Run the Domain Royale Method
(Only pay for the great domain names you find)

The Perfect Side-Hustle for All Your Marketing Projects

Maximize All Your PLR content with the Perfect Domains

A Strong Domain Gives You a Big Advantage when Developing Affiliate Sites

Flip Domains for Fun and Profit

Get the Very Best Domains for Your Family, Friends, Clients and Yourself

Here's Just a Few of the "Quick Hitters" You'll Also Find in the Kings and Queens of Content:

The "Exploratory Bet" - Rank Before You Create Content?

This is a poker strategy I apply to SEO. Here's a Google ranking plan that simply makes sense and is extremely effective. Plus, this is a kind of content that AI writers are good at.

The truth is, you do have to create some content, but this is the smart and fast way to see which keywords to focus on and topics to develop further.

How to Find Extraordinary Opportunities with Software

Here's a short outline for a system with virtually unlimited profit potential. Not only can you find a lot of high paying affiliate programs using this strategy, it's also a very potent way of finding "pheed" keywords to start very effective niche and keyword research.

If you're into niche marketing, this may be my best recommendation.

How to Use Creative Commons for Lots of Content

This is especially helpful for using images and photos of celebrities. Understand that you still can't use celebrities to directly promote your products, but you can still talk about them. Here's a free tool to quickly check the usage license of celebrity and lots of other photographs using Flickr.

Ideas for Creating Tons of Content Using  Spreadsheets

If you know basic HTML and Excel, you can add all sorts of stuff to niche "mini search engines".

Many physical affiliate product inventories will come in CSV files, which can easily be added to your own sites using a free WP plugin
Versus Pages System Quick Start

Another simple, but effective system for creating profitable content. This is a simple strategy that uses a free, but extremely powerful, tool along with AI content helpers. Don't worry about "long form" articles. AI is very good at writing this type of content. You just need to know what to tell it.
Huge List of Parasite Power Sites

A "parasite" is a site that lets you post content on it AND Google tends to like and rank. These sites can be valuable assets for content creators by leveraging their traffic and ability to rank. Use this huge and valuable list of sites to build a content empire for yourself.
Hobbies, Collectibles and Activity Niche Ideas

What things do people buy many of? Not only do people spend money in these niches, these are excellent ideas for creating tons of cool, quality artwork using AI that you know people spend money on. I have assembled the "biggest and baddest" list of hobbies and collections around.
How to Write Honest Reviews about Something You’ve Never Bought

This is a question that comes up often, "how do you write an honest review about something you never bought?" It's actually pretty easy to be honest and open and still sell things. You'll uncover exactly how to be ethical and still sell.

Let's Recap:

 Included in Your Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club: 
The Content Silo Xtreme A.I. Version

The Prompt Silo POD Version

The SEO & Keyword Silo - Yes, there's another silo I didn't mention above. ;)

My exclusive AI content writing methods that are simple and effective.

The "Versus Pages System" Quick Start - Google LOVES "deep review" sites. Here's how I suggest you make them.

List of Parasite Power Sites - Using my AI content writing methods, put your extra content on these sites and benefit from their traffic and authority. 

The MEGA Library of Public Domain Resources and Money-Making Ideas - FREE software, blueprints and patents, audio and music, games, videos, books, maps, movies, magazines and more that you can use to create content and products you can sell.

Advanced Keyword Concepts Made Easy using my list of over 550 "pheed" keywords to begin your research.

 The Domain Royale Cookbook with 16 original recipes for finding potent domain names.

The "Exploratory Bet" Strategy - Discover what keywords you can rank before you waste time and money creating useless content.

How to Find Extraordinary Opportunities with Software - Not only can you find a lot of high paying affiliate programs using this strategy, it's also a very potent way of finding "pheed" keywords to start your research and "pheed" AI content writers.

RSS Riot Content Software - You won't find a better source of free high-quality content with zero hassles. Use for your own info or to keep up with the latest news in a variety of niches for content curation.

Literally too much more to list it all here!

100% Beef. 0% Bull.
One time payment. ZERO monthly charges.
No upsells.
No downsells. No hassles.

$67  Now Only $47!
(I reserve the right to raise the price at any time without notice.)


IMPORTANT! Your Purchase Will Be Reflected as "ClickBank or "CLKBANK*COM" on Your Receipt
and not from me, Kurt Melvin, or

I add new members to the King and Queens of Content Club manually.
Please give me about a day to give you access to the private VIP area and your other downloads.

Reports, Methods and downloads are in a variety of common image formats, text, PDF and HTML.
Downloads are .zip and you will need a program to unzip them.
RSS Riot Content Software is a Windows program.
Some methods may require suggested third-party solutions.
You must follow Pheeds forum rules for posting. (Pretty much just be nice and don't spam.)


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