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TOTAL ACCESS >>>  Mega Deal - Get Access to All VIP Forums and Downloads
Get Total Access to All These Pheeds VIP Forums and Download Areas
and MORE for Only $67.
The Pheeds VIP forums are a massive collection of resources and ideas for you-it-yourself Internet marketers.

I started IM in 1996 and the Pheeds forum is the "library" of info and download that are still useful today. I don't pretend to be the best marketer alive. But there are a few things I do really well. I've done SEO longer than Google has even been in business. I've also developed many unique and various ways of creating content over the years (decades), generating traffic, buying and selling domain names, and using video as a marketing tool.

You're getting all this and too much more to list. Many of the downloads have been sold individually and are included that can help your business.

Check each link for more info:

Kings and Queens of Content and Product Creation VIP Access plus Downloads  - $37 regular price
  • King of Content 1 and 2 EXTREME version - Reg. $22.00
  • POD Factory - Previously only offered for a short time to my email list for $20.
  • POD Treasure Maps - Reg. $17.95
  • Meme Machine - Reg. $14.95
  • Mighty Quote Kit - $12.95
  • RSS Riot Content Software
Plus a lot more. Click for more info and to see it all.
Pheeds Leads Xtreme VIP Forum-  $37 regular price
  • Content Creation: - There are two very special resources I found that when combined will produce quality content that Google will love. I've developed content creation tools for SEO for 25 years, and this method is the best I've found in all those years.
  • Personal Names and Local Biz Domaining  I made a short video for you so you can jump right to it and get started with everything you need to know to start a domaining business.
  • Postcards - Cost about 70¢ each to buy, print and mail. Less than the cost of most PPC clicks.
  • Domain tips and tricks (not available anywhere else)  
  • Advanced SEO on a budget
  • and a lot more.

The Frontier Social Network Automation VIP Forum  - $37 regular price
How to  Have Your Own High-octane Digital Marketing System (And on a Really Tight Budget Too!)
  • Discover how to build your own social marketing platform that has more power and flexibility than the "Big Social" sites like Hootesuite or Buffer at a fraction of the cost.

Pheeds Video for Marketing plus Downloads  - $37 regular price

There's a LOT more in the Video for Marketing VIP areas, here are a few highlights.
  • 91 Spokes People Videos - A BIG collection of video sales letters for 89 different niches. Plus there's two "generic" videos that you can use for virtually any and all niches. And all 91 video sales letters are recorded by a variety of professional spokespeople.
  • Avatar Pro Special "Streamlined" Version - 275 animated characters for a variety of niches
  • Blackboard Jungle Whiteboard Video Image Collection - Reg. price $22
  • Emotion Folks - MASSIVE collection of still and animated images that will stir the emotions in your viewers, starting with Rick Stickman.
  • Emotion Potion and The Video Gap Download - The perfect combination to create effective marketing videos that get results. Tons of the highest quality animated characters that display a range of emotions. Also includes The Video Gap, the fast, easy and effective system for writing video marketing videos that get results.
  • Face To Face Animated Character Creation Kit - Reg. price $22
  • Pics That Pop - A one of a kind collection of images that will give your video and graphics projects more "pizazz".
  • PowerPoint Animated Cartoon Backgrounds - 4 collections of customizable PowerPoint cartoon backgrounds can be used in tons and tons of niches.
  • PowerPoint King Tuts 2 - The  purpose of King Tuts V2 is to help you create great-looking marketing videos using PowerPoint that will make you more money while saving you money and time.
  • PowerPoint Paradise - A potent combo of PowerPoint tricks, tips and secrets for getting free images, mascots and characters, plus a unique collection of useful and interesting graphics to enhance your videos and increase engagement.
  • PowerPoint Power Slides Collection - A unique package of PowerPoint tips, slides and images.
  • Stock Music + Idioms + Marketing Quickies - Music for your videos...the best stock music collection, plus over 75 video marketing quickies stock video clips as well as "Kurt's Marketing Idiom Collection" to help you make better marketing videos.
For more info about each, plus even more stuff, click here for your included video marketing resources.

Plus You're Also Getting:
Pheed Me Traffic System - $19.95 regular price
Domain Royale - $22 regular price 

Traffic, Content, SEO, Videos, Domains, Social Media and more...All for a low ONE TIME price. refunds.

Please note that this isn't instant access. I add each new member by hand, so please give me a little time to send your details after you order.


Kurt Melvin

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