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The reality of being a new affiliate
It can be very difficult for a person with no affiliate sales history to be approved at sites like Warrior Plus and JVZoo. Here's some of the issues you need to overcome.

People without any sales history seldom make any future sales and in the rare cases they make a sale it's usually only one. One sale makes vedors think that sale may have been just to get a "discount".

And worse, affiliates without any history pose a real problem with fraud, making sales then using dirty tricks to get refunds and you're stuck paying.

Once an affiliate gets sales, the things vendors look are:

1. Refunds. Refunds kill the ability of vendors recruiting other affiliates. As a vendor we'll see some applicants with a 3% refund rate and another with a 30% refund rate. Why is the second getting so many refunds? Is he/she lying or a scammer? They affect our reputations.

2. Low conversion rate. If you're sending traffic that doesn't convert you hurt our EPCs which again hurts our ability to get other affiliates.

It's very hard for me to approve affiliates with no history. And if you have a high refund rate, it will make it almost impossible to be accepted by any vendors.

For me personally as a vendor, they only ways I'll approve someone without a decent affiliate sales history is that:
  • I've known you for a while
  • You have sold your own products
  • You are a customer
Being a paying customer leaves a good paper trail so I'm not as worried about fraud.

You also know and understand the product well and telling people you actually bought the product yourself is a great sales tool.

And...most vendors tend to like people that bought from them. You're no longer a stranger.

I understand that having to buy products to just to become an affiliate can be expensive, but I'm not sure there's really another way and it becoming approved for product in the future will likely just get harder.

What tips or questions do you have for people starting out and needing approval for affiliate marketing in general?

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