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3 Traffic Sources To Promote Your Website From Mick Meaney
Here's 3 places on social media where you can promote your website and content.

Startups - Sub Reddit

Blogging and Promotion - FB Group

On Startups - The Community For Entrepreneurs - LI Group
Enjoy Generous Commissions up to 60%, find ready-to-use swipe files and more with
The Pheeds Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club affiliate program.

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I watched this video yesterday and what I like most about it is Mick includes much of his past advise in a semi-detailed way that builds on an strategy to promote not only your own website, yet also about the concepts of promoting related websites in our portfolio.
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oh Mick Meany first came across him in the warrior forum and he bugged the heck out of me then
grew on me and now I cannot believe what he offers people for free from his list. I have him on a
ton of email lists just so I see his videos and don't miss anything and they are pouring and I usually
don't have time to watch. Time to change that lol

But Kurt your emails are the same and I read them all just so you know (I KID YOU NOT)
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