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getting started with copy writing
Probably start with researching the AIDA formula, which stands for:
  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action
These are 4 suggested basic elements of a sales letter. There are many other possible elements like social proof (testimonials), stating authority, removing risk (guarantee) and more.

IMO, start with the two A's in AIDA, Attetention and Action. These are headiines and calls to action and are the two most important and absolutely essential elements of making a sale. Get someone's attention and have them click a buy button. For me, everything else is secondary.

The good news is:

Headlines and CTAs are the easiest to learn, especially the basics. Do some googles for things like:
  • headline swipe files
  • CTA swipes
  • call to action examples

90% of your copy writing needs will probably be using these two elements.

You use the same principles of headlines in email subject lines. You also use CTAs to get people to open your emails. Then you want people to take action again and click links in your emails. Opening emails and clicking on links is why you send marketing emails.

It's also headlines and CTAs for Youtube. You need a great video title to grab attention and you want your video description to encourage people to actually click to view you video. And both of these are required in any Youtube thumbnail: Get attention and get an action (click).

PPC ads like Adwords and FB ads also use the two copy writing elements of headlines and CTAs almost exclusively. You pretty much write a headline and a CTA.

I suggest the first place to start is to begin reading about headlines and calls to action, then building the biggest swipe files for both that you can find....and keep building these for years into the future. Trust'll need a lot of them over time. Smile
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