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Free Keyword and SEO Tools for 2022
Keyword Chef is an interesting keyword tool;

It has a couple of cool features, especially how it rates competition for keywords. When you enter a root keyword, Keyword Chef grabs the top 10 URLs for each keyword phrase and then shows the number of "weak" sites in the Top 10 for that keyword phrase.

"Weak" sites are generally User Generated Content sites like Pinterest, Quora, Reddit and forums (like this one). If you see quite a few of these sites at the top of the ranking, the general wisdom is these keyword phrases have weaker competition.

On the other end of the scale, if you see a bunch of big sites dedicated to a specific niche, you should probably assume it will be much harder to get a top ranking for these keywords.

Here's a sample results page from Keyword Chef:

Note the green dots with numbers under the "SERP" column. The number is the number of weak sites. The higher the better.

Other keyword tools include the top ten sites, but not the number of "weak" sites. Although, you can do a quick visual spot-check.

The con is, Keyword Chef seems pretty expensive. $20 only gets you results for 1200 keywords and cheaper if you purchase in larger amounts. But for the price, i believe there are better values even though I really like the compeition checker feature.

They do have a free trial, but I couldn't find any details.
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