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A new marketing strategy The Pheeds Funnel
I'm a fan of the TV show The Carbanaro Effect. It's about a magician that plays practical jokes on unsuspecting people. He does the same magic tricks but one simple change makes a profound difference. With other magicians, people ask, "How did he do that?". With Carbanaro they ask, "How did that happen and what's going on here?".

I just figured out something similar with marketing. A simple little change that has a big impact on my own marketing. It has to do with sales funnels.

I personally don't like having to click through a bunch of "OTOs" to get to my purchase. On the other hand, as a seller I understand that they do help the bottom line and some people like REASONABLE product funnels. But being a "treat others how you want them to treat you" I rarely added OTO/Upsells/Downsells to my products.

But that's changed. It's the Pheeds Funnel. I'm now putting TWO Buy Buttons on my sales pages.

1. Buy and get direct access.
2. Buy and check out some special deals you won't get anywhere else.

It's now each person's choice. For me as a seller I'm fine with this and I'm now treating people how I want to be treated. Give me a choice.

You can see a Pheeds Funnel in action here on the new Domain Royale Method sales page:

What do you think of this as a customer?

And can this be improved? Could a discount be offered for people that choose the funnel?
Get and spend Cow Chips just for being a Pheeds Phorum member...
(Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn't spend them all in one place.)
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A new marketing strategy The Pheeds Funnel - by Kurt - 09-12-2020, 02:03 AM

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