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Your own Analytics and why it's better than Google
Another powerful Matomo feature is a Tag Manager. Google has a Tag Manager is their webmaster tools, but I suggest giving Google as little of your data as possible. There's a reason they offer many of their services for "free".

A tag manager lets you add code to all your pages from a single place. Let's say you want to use a FB retargeting pixel. You would have to add the code to all your pages. Then maybe you want to add a Google retargeting pixel. You can just go to your tag manager and insert that code.

Then any time in the future you can modify them across all your pages/sites from your Tag Manager in Matomo.

The tag manager has some impressive "triggers" you can set which tell your tag when to "fire". For example, let's say you have a FB retargeting pixel in a sales page. You can set a trigger to fire so that it creates an audience of people that scrolled more than 50% down the page.

Tags are pretty technical but there are also very powerful and something you and I should probably use more. Smile
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RE: Your own Analytics and why it's better than Google - by Kurt - 02-23-2020, 08:04 AM

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