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What's the best source for graphics you've found? Here's mine...
I use CrazyTalk Animator Pro a lot and was looking through their market place from some cartoon backgounds. No doubt, they have some good ones. However, most of their backgrounds are in the $10-12 range each.

So I went to checkout With the Pro membership, which is $15 for one month or $119 for a year ($10) a month. With a pro account you get up to 100 downloads a DAY.

If you sign up for a free account first, they will probably send you a discount coupon for Pro in a couple of days. There are also discount coupons you can find online so Freepik is even cheaper:

Freepik also offers a lot of free graphics and photos, but you have to give attribution. I find it much better just to pay the small price, not have to give attribution, and have a much larger selection of graphics.

Freepik also has a very liberal usage license, especially if you're into Print on Demand products like tee shirts and mugs, etc. They do require that Freepik graphics used on printed product graphics be less than 50% of the total design. This is easily done using text that takes up at least 50% of your design. I personally like this rule because it keeps POD designs "unique" and everyone isn't just recycling the same images.

I'm not an affiliate for FreePik, I'm just a happy customer and suggest checking it out if you're into graphics for web sites, POD, videos, etc.
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Freepik is having a 30% off sale ending August 29 2021. $10.49 a month or one payment of $83.99 USD ($6.99 USD*/month) for the first year.

They have more than just vectors and have a good variety of photos too. Plus they allow their graphics to be used on print on demand products like mugs and tee shirts, but they can't be the "main element" of the design. HINT: Add text and/or images from other sources. You don't have to worry about the "main element" if you're using their media in other ways.
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