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Life Before or After the Net?
Growing up, in the south, we didn't watch T.V. too much because we didn't have a T.V. until about 1967. By the time we did have a T.V. I was more interested in spending my free time reading, playing sports, checkers and chess.

In high school school my teachers described me as a geek with a jocks attitude, lol. I had no idea what they meant at the time, but it worked out for me in a positive way. In college I was described as a jock with a geeks attitude. Complete turn-around.

Then came the age of the internet. By this time I was half around the world - a long way from my high school and college teachers. We stayed in touch over the years via telephone. We started using email to keep in touch.

In a way email provided a means for the "past" to communicate with the "future" and I made that comment to all of them in an email. They all agreed.

Maybe that means something. I don't know.
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