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How to be more productive? Do 3 things every day
If there ever was a "Do as I say and not as I do" thread, this is it. Over the years when I've done the best is when I followed this strategy. It's when I get away from it is when I get into trouble, usually getting distracted with other things.

Do 3 simple tasks in each of 3 categories every day. You can break down what a task is any way you want. It can be writing 3 paragraphs of an article is one task or 3. The key is just to start and to be productive.

The first and most important priority, and one we (me) may over to do three things that give us the opportunity of making us money as soon as possible, if not today. This doesn't that you have to, or will, make money today...only that it could.

However, the real benefit is that they could make you money every day in the foreseeable future too, not just today. If you did 3 things every day that have a chance to make you money, after a year you'll have added over 1000 assets to your portfolio.

Do 3 things to make money today
  • Link to an article or landing page with a revenue stream
  • Create a Youtube video
  • Post on social/forums -
  • Add a new product to Etsy, eBay, Amazon like a teeshirt or mug
  • Contact a person for a JV
  • Email your list
  • Launch a product

Too often we get caught up with the following categories and these can be important, if not essential. You MUST do the things above to make money. The following will help your potentially earn more money.

Do 3 things to help make money soon
  • Do 3 steps of creating a Frontier
  • Set up PheedMe traffic
  • Research keywords and domain names
  • Apply for an affiliate program
  • Install WP
  • Create a social account
  • Create an IFTTT account
  • Create a landing page
  • Write an SEOed article
  • Work on a product/report
  • Write part of an autoresponder series
  • Post to social

Learn 3 new things
Watch videos and read articles until you've learned 3 new things.

Try this if you're having trouble being productive. Just do and learn 3 simple things and in a year you'll have over 1000 potential revenue streams, done 1000 things to optimize your revenue streams and learned over 1000 new things to take you to the next levels.

And keep a written/printed log. Studies have proven just creating a simple check sheet greatly improves productivity. Just fill it up with even small steps.
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