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What's the missing link?
(07-10-2020, 11:06 AM)Pearson458 Wrote: You can be in too much of a hurry. When you are desperately short of cash, everything seems urgent. You half-do loads of things but finish nothing. Got to get the balance right.

Hey Pearson...I agree about being in a rush. But I think that's different than urgency. Urgency is about getting started and having similar discipline and priorites with your business as you have with a job. Urgency is getting things done without a boss threatening to fire you.

Way back when I tried to get friends and family online I told one of them the first step was to get a Paypal account. 2 weeks later they still hadn't gotten a Paypal account. She was/is a very hard, dependable worker at her job. Had her boss told her to get a Paypal account she would have done it in 20 minutes. But for herself she didn't feel any sense of urgency, which allowed her to procrastinate.

Time is perishable and if something isn't accomplished today, today is lost forever and it can never be gotten back.

 'Be quick but don't hurry.' - John Wooden, basketball coaching legend.
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