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What are some of your memorable childhood pranks?
(07-03-2020, 01:42 PM)JoeSpirit Wrote: A group of guys I bummed around with did that too. But in our case the kid we always picked out kept accusing us of ganging up on him. Of all the nerve...

I thought we invented that... lol

When I was about 12, we used to play a game called "Street Light Superman". You had to play it right after sunset.

A small group of us would pick one kid and when we saw the headlights of a car approaching, we would pretend to beat him up under the light of a street light in the middle of the street and then run away as the car got close, leaving the kid lying in the street.

The car would stop and ask the kid if he was OK....and as soon as they did, the kid would jump up, pull up his shirt exposing his chest (for some reason) and shout,

"Hell yes! I'm Street Light Superman!"

...and run off. The rest of us would be watching while hiding in the bushes dying of laughter.

You have to remember, we didn't have video games and only 3 TV channels in those days. Smile
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