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The point of diminishing returns
The point of diminishing returns is something that isn't discussed a lot, something I think of a lot but don't do a lot about. Smile

Basically there's a point when you do something that your efforts will start to have less impact. Learning a skill like IM is a good example. At first many will feel overwhelemed.

But if you've been around a while trying to learn new things in IM gets kind of boring and we've discussed some of the more common issues dozens of times. So the time we spend trying to find a new method increases greatly.

Someone newer to IM, or a particular element of IM, will discover useful info pretty much all the time. Finding the balance between learning and being productive can be tough and is an example of reaching the point of diminishing returns.

When you're brand new to IM it's probably 95% learning and 5% being productive...

IMO I spend too much time learning and have a curious streak. For you experienced folks...idealistically how do you think we should budget our time? 20% learning 80% productive for example?
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I am no expert at managing my own time/productivity, but I am told that I am pretty good at managing other people's time/productivity which I call collaboration.

It's easy for me to create Standard Operating Procedures based on links and nodes. However, for myself..not so good.
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