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What popup do you use and recommend?
I use and lover Layered Popups. It has a ton of features and has both WP plugin and stand-alone script options. And it's only $21.

WP version:

Stand alone:
[Image: 687474703a2f2f6c617965726564706f70757073...3d362e3134]
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I like leadsleap its free.  Its a simple little popup maker but its great if you have not collected some
paid products.  Its called popup expert and you can find it on the left once you make your account
at the bottom


This program is also now an autoresponder for free or paid, and you can get your product on
thousands of websites online.  Its also like a traffic exchange and you can grow a huge list
by recruiting people.  You get a lot by joining.
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1-Minute List Builder
By George Katsoudas

“The easiest lightbox popup, email list building plugin for WordPress…”

George is out of business now (I think) ,but the plugin still works perfectly. I have master resell rights, so I sell it with my WP themes.

[Image: get%20fit-get-healthy-exit-popup.png?raw=1]
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oh you're kidding me George is shut down now that is really sad.  He was in brian winters first memberships with me
and he never ceased to crack me up.  He had the best sense of humor and there were many days he kept me in good
spirits with his silliness.  I will miss him a great deal.

Brian winters actually started on the right foot he really taught good marketing and I'm sure he is making out great
with all his memberships but I am one who does not care for this thing a lot of marketers are doing of saying its free
when its not because the free option basically doesn't work.  We all know you need to get people into your autoresponder
and to not do that means you probably will never use the list you are building because importing them into a free
autoresponder probably will never work.  MOst people do not know how to clean a list either so what happens? you get in
trouble. That's what happens

Sorry for going off topic.

another way to get free popups is to use javascript do a search for javascript sites they look kinda like that popup above but
a little less fancy lol.  Javascript is kinda old school you add it to the code of your page but free stuff is often old school.

some samples:
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