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What do you learn in marketing class that you won't learn in real life marketing?
I've taken a few "formal education" marketing classes. Honestly, they do lack a lot of actionable info. Although I dodged it in my classes, a lot of college marketing classes is going to a mall and conducting surveys. Wink

But they do teach some very important things you probably won't get online in IM.

The first is ethics. You really don't see much discussion of ethics. And I seriously doubt an info product about ethics in marketing would sell very well, because of lack of demand.

Another thing discussed in a college marketing class is basic business law.

Don't take my word on this. I'm old and I took these classes many years ago. I could be wrong. Or maybe I'm right but things have changed. I'm posting this for discussion and not as legal advice.

Here's an example. How much money do I have to make to claim I made "thousands of dollars"?

Most people think "thousands" means two or more. Actually, it means "more than one". That means if I made $1000.01, I can say I made "thousands of dollars".

I sold "dozens" could very well legally mean 13 or more, assuming you couldn't sell a fraction of one. "Scores" would be 21 or more, etc. Someone that lived to be 100 years and a day could say they lived for "centuries".

Another common (and important) legal definition is the use of the word "sale". IIRC a product/service has to be at least 5% off the REGULAR SELLING PRICE. "Launch" or "Grand Opening Sale" should be OK since you're telling folks it hasn't been sold before.

One law I found very interesting at the time was that you couldn't charge someone more for using a credit card. But it was OK to give a "cash discount". No one student or professor, ever understood that one either. Wink
Oh man don't get me started, lol.

In class we learn to establish a real business such as co, llc, etc. which is almost never mentioned to beginners/students in real life marketing.

Then there is offline vs online marketing. Similar, yet two different ways to learn marketing. Albeit, there are the right way and the wrong way which is subjective.

Oh man don't get me started, lol.

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