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Ideas for Promoting Pheeds, Or Any Program, Affiliate Offer Ect.
(03-21-2020, 02:01 AM)Kurt Wrote: Thanks Claire...thanks Jeffery,

I don't have cow chips for referrals right now. My "theory" is/was for folks to use affiliate links to refer people here.

I'm adding some more stuff to the Pharmers Market and they'll all be in the same W+ offer/funnel so you can promote them (and the phorum) and get paid. But to be honest...I'm concerned about the economic situation.

Oh that sounds good Kurt.  I'm seeing a resource list as the bottom of every rebrandable pdf where they can rebrand those links as well
as an affiliate or buy them as another way to get the phorum going.  You really could acrew a slew of affiliates that way as well.  I see
a viral swing happening that way.  Great idea you came up with there.

I love it. Smile
(03-20-2020, 01:44 AM)Jeffery Wrote: One of the PDF marketing things I used to do was an Online Branded PDF Creator.

Monthly members would go to a page >> Insert their affiliate I.D. >> Hit a submit button >> and a receive a download link to a branded PDF document.

For years I paid content-writers to provide 'niche content' that members would promote with their own affiliate links.

After my overhead, my ROI was between $1K and $1.5K monthly.

The only 'real time' work on my end was organizing the Virtual Assistants and creating the PDF myself. About 1 hour weekly after we ironed out my expectations.

The same could be done with Claire's idea.

Side note: The only reason I stopped doing that was the advent of the cell phone. The tablet had yet to go mainstream.

Two Questions.. Given that 2020 tablets and cell phones with larger screens compared to the old days of small screens I can see where it would provide value to Digital Marketers in 2020 and could very well be a great way to promote Pheeds with your referral link?

I believe members receive Cow Chips for referrals?

Jeffrey I feel  a little dense but what did the phone and tablet have to do with the demise of your idea?  Just missing something.  I
read pdfs on my phone all the time but it is sometimes a pain in my eyes.  I have to constantly resize it. Is that why?  To me it
still works but not to the best criteria.  However I just read them on my desktop but there are readers now think kindle you could
easily recommend people download to their readers instead of directly to their phones.  I don't really even know if I am addressing
the issue tho.  I was a part of membership like that a little while ago.  I loved it.  I think that would be a great thing to start to promote
pheeds.  I was sorry when that disappeared. I wonder if it was your membership?  I looked for it one day and boom all gone.
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