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Do artists own their styles?
Here's something to think about...Greg Rutkowski is a popular fantasy artist and his style is used in AI prompts. And he doesn't like it and has been very vocal against AI art using his style.

Here's an interview from Greg Rutkowski from a few years ago where he talks about his influences.

So...I made a prompt using the artists he mentions in the interview. How does this figure into the concept of owning styles? Is he claiming to own this combo of styles from other artists? Only he can use it?
Quote:soaring dragon inspired by Aleksander Gierymski, Jan Matejko, Jozef Chelmonski, Ilya Repin, Joaquinn Sorolla, Tyler Jacobson, John Park, Jamie Jones, Craig Mullins, Piotr Jablonski, Eytan Zana, Michael Komarck, Sergey Kolesov, Wesley Burt, Slawomir Maniak, Wangjie Li, Yizheng Ke --v 4

What happens if I rearrange the order (important in AI prompt crafting) and/or add and subtract other artists, medias, colors, styles, lighting, camera angels?

BTW, I ran a few reverse-prompt suggestion tools and they rarely named any of these artists and when they did they only said one name of all the artists in the prompt.
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