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[SHORT CONTENT] Google Web Stories - Getting Started
(02-03-2021, 12:16 AM)Claire Koch Wrote: Wow amazing information Kurt light bolt moment here Idea

Love it when you find something like this I feel like a kid in the
marketing playground.  Whoopie!!!!!

Now to put on my content hat and start coming up with some
creative stuff that can get my bizopp zooming as well as sell
some memberships online.

Never could imagine you could actually find one of these big
shots allowing a link.

Him blowing up my hate for them juat little. Very little lol Tongue

I think Web Stories and YouTube Shorts are a great opportunity right now. I have a feeling that the door will close more quickly on these than other platforms have in the past.

Some gambles as I see them are:
  • Shorts may be short-lived like many other Google experiments and an investment of time, money and effort may be wasted.
  • Shorts may not bring results.
  • If they can get results, you still have competition for those results.
  • You have to learn new skills.
  • And things I didn't think of...
However, I believe the "gain" is greater than the "risk". IMO the hardest part is just getting the ball rolling and shifting gears. This is probably the best and one and only time to have an advantage, which is simply to be early adaptors. We simply may not be able to gain traction in the future or it will be much harder.
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